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    Hi, my name is Tim and i'm a huge fan, i've never posted before as i don't usually have questions that i figure would warrant your time. But I JUST read that you were going to be attending the Toronto Comicon THIS weekend (apr 28-30)?!!

    Is this true? I will probably see a response to this monday night! lol.

    If anyone else knows how i might confirm this please let me know. I just have difficulty trusting website often they cut and paste and well I just don't know how well run this comicon is, so who knows if that's true right.

    I appreciate anyones response on here.

    Love your work...crappy i couldn't afford the scripts, as I am trying to break into the film-making biz myself. Whenever I think it won't happen I swear I just watch season 4 of B5 and BOOM...totally boosts me back up.


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    Well, Tim, I am flattered. I didn't know that the first edition of my unreleased Salt of the Earth series had been leaked to the public. I won't be in Toronto, but...

    ...wait, you're probably making this post to JMS. He doesn't post here, dude.
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      I was going to go to Comicon this weekend to see Colleen Doran but since she won't be there, I decided to pass.

      I didn't see an update on their site that he would be there (maybe I just missed it). If JMS is going though, I'd recommend meeting him. I went all three days last year to the Fan Expo in late August to see him and get stuff signed and it was definitely worth it. I'd recommend lining up 2-3 hours in advance; many couldn't get in the room where he was speaking last year.

      Have fun!
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        JMS posted last night that he'd be at the Toronto con:

        Title: jms in canada
        Author: [email protected]
        Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 05:41:15 +0000 (UTC)
        Message-ID: <[email protected] .com>

        Just an FYI for those in Toronto...I'll be popping in at the Toronto
        Comic Con this weekend at the downtown exhibition center.

        No word as to his schedule. Unfortunately, Colleen Doran (artist for Book of Lost Souls) had to cancel because she's recovering from pneumonia and not allowed to travel.

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          Originally posted by Jan
          Unfortunately, Colleen Doran (artist for Book of Lost Souls) had to cancel because she's recovering from pneumonia and not allowed to travel.

          Darn it. I wasn't going to attend, though.

          Colleen did report in another thread she's been working 7 days/week. Too much work not only makes one dull but sick.

          Book of Lost Souls' fans should expect delays. I don't mind.

          Get well, Colleen.
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