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  • Kevin Smith Fans Unite!

    Well, since I didn't want to totally derail the "Artifical Intelligence in Automatic Flushers" thread with mine and the manwithnoname's burgoning Kevin Smith discussion, I thought I'd start up a seperate thread here.

    So folks, tell us about your love of Kevin Smith.

    Anyone else going to Vulgarthon this June?

    (Vulgarthon is a Smith sponsored one day film fest featuring his films and films that he produced for friends. It has been held in both Red Bank, NJ and in LA. This year's films include Jersey Girl: Extended Cut, What A Lovely Little Tea Party: The Making of Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, Big Helium Dog, Small Town, Gay Bar and I believe a mystery feature...)
    Got movies?

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    I'm a huge kevin smith fan but I couldn't stand Jay and silent bob strike back. I own the first four films on dvd so here's my reaction to the six that I've seen
    Clerks: Brilliant debut, go tthe 10th anniversery edition and had fun and games with Kvin's commentery. I do like a good writer (duh, JMS) and I enjoyed Kevin's first film. What I say to most people is, start with the second film, as Clerks can come across as rather profane. If you can get past the profanity though, there are some very sharp and witty lines.

    Mallrats: A film I've often called "clerks with colour cameras and a budget, and the second part of the "jersey Trilogy" loved silent bob's "jedi Mind Trick" schtick.

    Chasing Amy: A very though provoking film, I rented it with a friend and it took us 4+ hours to watch as we kept puasing it and debating plot points. A movie that makes you talk about not just after but actually have heated debates while it's on? What more can I say.

    Dogma: The point that Kevin became known to the world in general, A sort of "life of Brian" for it's time, the anti-religious themes (and the rants they provooked) hide what is really some excellent writing and sharp, witty Dialogue.

    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: I'm sorry, but no, an attempt to go back to his roots with one major difference, loads of profanity but little cleverness, basically a 2 hour fart-joke, no subtlety at all not a fave.

    Jersey Girl: Soft, warm and funny, a return to form for our Kev. I was afraid to watch after the risible Jay and Silent bob but I'm glad I did.

    That's all I've seen so far, I'm sure there's more but I've been snowed under with work/study and don't get to see films much anymore.
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      The only Smith film that I even remotely like is Clerks. I think it's safe to call all of the others garbage. While he hasn't gone that far, he has acknowledged that there are problems with his later films. He cites as one of the possible reasons for the subpar nature of the later films as being the fact that they were BIG budget. He claims that he had too much money and just went crazy.

      Clerks 2 may or not not live up to the first film. It IS a low budget film (though not as low as the first one).

      I think it'd be best if Smith stuck to comics.
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        I enjoy Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy. Dogma was alright, but each time I watch I like it a little bit less.

        The less said about Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the better.

        I have no intention of seeing Jersey Girl, because it's too much of a chick flick, and I loathe sappy love stories.

        The Clerks cartoon series was ok. Although, Kevin comes across as a douche when he whines about Family Guy, even though ABC was the one that fucked up his cartoon series.
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          Clerks was great. But it's been all downhill from there. Ever hear of the law of diminishing returns? Kevin Smith is the best example of it in human director form. Every movie he's done since Clerks has been, IMO, progressively less entertaining. I don't have much faith in Clerks 2.

          Kind of disappoints me, because I really like Smith as a person. I find him pretty interesting as an interview, and he always comes across as amusing, easy-going and even a bit humble.
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            I know this wont mean much but I thought I would give my opinion . . .

            I dont like Kevin Smith. I have a friend who wets her pants every time someone mentions him. I saw clerks and I just couldnt get into it . . . the other movies he's made never struck me as interesting enough to watch but thats just my taste in things. I don't see where the "good writing" comes across because his style seems about as average as the next person. Again, its just me.
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              Who's Kevin Smith? And why is he important? I never saw the movies and I am sticking to that story...
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                Mallrats is so underrated. One of THE best moments of comedic film history is the "stink palm" segment. I was laughing so hard it hurt.

                My twisted mind: Would I be jerk enough to do that to someone I didn't like?

                Anyone out there admit to stink palming? That would be an interesting story to read.
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                  Clerks 2 opens tomorrow and it is hysterical. I saw it last month at Smith's Vulgarthon event and have been DYING to see it again. Kevin draws a lesson from his own Chasing Amy and demonstrates that comedies can be funny AND be about something a little deeper, too.
                  Got movies?


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                    One of the few things about Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back that really redeams it is that most rare of things, a p'toot joke that is actually funny.

                    And then it's more a facial expression thing than the p'toot itself.
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