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Ivanova to fight Cybermen!!!

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  • Ivanova to fight Cybermen!!!

    Although it hasn't been officially announced, the forums over at Outpost Gallifrey are reporting that this past weekend at a British con it slipped out that Claudia Christian will be appearing in a Big Finish Doctor Who audio drama pairing her with the 6th Doctor and Peri fighting cybermen called "The Reaping."

    For those not familiar with Big Finish's range of Doctor Who audios- the company has been producing audio adventures available of CD for over the past six and a half years featuring the 5th through 8th Doctors, releasing a new story once a month. (Sorry folks, despite numerous offers, Tom Baker isn't interested...) They've also done several spinoff miniseries featuring the Daleks, former compainion Sarah Jane Smith, the Cyberman, UNIT and political intrigue on Gallifrey. The ones I've heard are lots of fun.
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    Outpost Gallifrey is reporting that Claudia's role is that of companion Peri's Mom!

    (`Bout time they had an American playing a member of Peri's American family...)
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