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The Gweat Speech-Impediment Thwead

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  • The Gweat Speech-Impediment Thwead

    Hewe is the fiwst...

    Webel Webel you've town youw dwess
    Webel Webel yo' face is a mess
    Webel Webel how could they know
    Hot twamp I love you so
    Jan will follow with "Mandy" I believe...
    "En wat als tijd de helft van echtheid was, was alles dan dubbelsnel verbaal?"

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    So many little time. Anybody else want to pick this up while I'm slaving away at work?

    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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      Hum, may I post some Jar Jar Binks quotes?

      Memorable Quotes from
      Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)

      Jar-Jar Binks: Ooh moi moi I love you!
      Qui-Gon Jinn: You almost got us killed! Are you brainless?
      Jar-Jar Binks: I speck!
      Qui-Gon Jinn: The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here.
      Jar Jar Binks: If me be returnin, the Bosses will do terrible things to me! Tewwwwible things!
      Qui-Gon Jinn: Do you hear that?
      [a rumbling is heard in the distance]
      Jar Jar Binks: Yeah.
      Qui-Gon Jinn: That is the sound of a thousand terrible things headed this way.
      Obi-Wan: If they find us, they will crush us, grind us into TINY pieces and BLAST us into oblivion!
      Jar Jar Binks: Hmmm... yousa point is well seen.
      Queen Amidala: How did you end up here with us?
      Jar Jar Binks: I don't know. Mesa day startin pretty okee-day with a brisky morning munchy, then BOOM! Gettin very scared and grabbin that Jedi and POW! Mesa here! Mesa gettin' very very scared!
      Captain Tarpals: Hey, you-sa! Stop-pa dere!
      Jar-Jar Binks: Hey yo, Daddy, Captain Tarpals. Mesa back.
      Captain Tarpals: No-ah 'gain, Jar Jar. You-sa goin' to da Bosses. You-sa in big doo-doo dis time!
      [Jar Jar gets shocked by a Gungan spear]
      Jar-Jar Binks: Yipe! How wude!
      The pain shivered through my flesh like tinfoil on a tooth.
      The wind was the scream of a great mad bird, as it flapped its immense wings.

      I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
      by Harlan Ellison


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        Good way to kill a thread.
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          How is it that you turn off a poster?
          John Brittain
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            Found it - ignore list can be a wonderful thing!
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              Ah, well I don't know where this one came from but hey, it's too good to hide in my archives...

              "The Flamer"

              (To the tune of "The Boxer" by P. Simon and A. Garfunkel)

              I am just a lurker tho' my story's seldom told,
              I have squandered my commitments for a terminal and access,
              Such are Usenetters.
              All flames and jest,
              Still a man reads what he wants to read and killfiles the rest.

              When I started reading newsgroups I was no more than a boy
              In the company of newbies, in the quiet of the on-line helpfiles,
              running scared.
              Confused as hell,
              Seeking out the stupid keystrokes all you gurus knew so well,
              Looking for

              Li li li (FLAME!)
              Li li li li li li li,
              Li li li (FLAME!)
              Li li li li li li li li li li li.
              (repetive lil' sucker ain't it?!)

              Asking frequently-asked questions, I come looking for a file
              But I get no answers,
              Just a come-on from the gang on
              I do declare,
              There were times when I was so bored I read the posts up there,
              la la la la.


              Now I'm sending this across the world,

              And costing the net hundreds (if not thousands)
              Of dollars, do I really want to be doing this?
              Doing this....
              What the hell!

              In the carrel types a flamer and an idiot by his trade,
              And he carries the reminders of every piece of hate e-mail that he got.
              Till he cries out,
              In his anger and his shame,
              "I am leaving, you all suck," but we flame him just the same.

              (repeat chorus until you feel the song should be over.)
              "En wat als tijd de helft van echtheid was, was alles dan dubbelsnel verbaal?"