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  • Sweet memory-with earworm

    My brother and I stumbled across a nostalgia show by the independant TV station that was (still is, actually) big in our hometown of Chicago, WGN. It was about three shows that both of us grew up on-Bozo the Clown, Garfield Goose and Ray Raynor and Friends-many, many years ago.

    How long ago, you ask (or at least I pretend you did)?? Long enough ago that they spoke grammatically. Long enough ago that they didn't try to *teach* you something every time you blinked. Long enough ago that they weren't afraid to use words that would make little Jan ask her mother what it meant (hmmm...maybe they were teaching...). So long ago that 'gay' still meant 'happy'. THAT long ago.

    It was great fun remembering those shows. As with many Chicago kids, both of us had attended tapings of those shows and even been featured as a game player or hobbyist bringing his collection to show off. But the things that kept us tuned in?? They played three song/cartoons that we both loved and remembered-'Hardrock, Coco and Joe', 'Frosty the Snowman' and 'Suzy Snowflake'. All in black & white, not terribly well preserved but happy, happy memories and songs.

    Oh, but the earworms! 'Frosty' was pretty much the same version as you've all heard in Christmas carols but 'Hardrock, Coco and Joe' and 'Suzi Snowflake'...omg, it may be weeks before I can stop humming them. But...I'm grinning as I'm humming because it'd been years since I'd heard them or even thought of them and it's a happy memory.

    "Here comes Suzi Snowflake, dressed in her snow white gown..." Arrgghh!

    and if anybody wants to see them, they're right here.
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    Thanks Jan, boy memories from the past. I had forgotten about 'Hardrock, Coco and Joe' and I have always liked Suze Snow Flake. One of my favorite Christmas songs. It was fun remembering them. Thanks.


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      Yay! Somebody else remembers!

      "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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        Of course Bozo came on when I was a kid, but it was obviously into repeats by that time. My mom used to turn it on for me to watch in the mornings, but I was usually like, "eh." Kind of like how my son finds some of the stuff that show to him ehy.

        I didn't like Romper Room, either.

        At that age I believe I liked Popeye and Bugs Bunny.

        Heck, I still like Bugs Bunny.
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