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  • Sycorax or Drakh

    Is it just me or do the new baddies in the Christmas Doctor Who look a little familiar?
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    I have the wings for Bingo.

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    How wonderfully ironic, considering the Drakh themselves were written off as dodgy Dr Who monsters when they first appeared.

    I knew they were up to something... The sword fighting looks very, very cool though, reminds me of the Third Doctor's epic duel against the Master in The Sea Devils!

    Just noticed that the Dr is in his pyjamas! Stoked. Am very looking forward to this...
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      Apparently he spends most of the episode sleeping off his regenertion hang over...thus the jimjams.

      The scenes of the Tardis crashing look rather special.
      I have the wings for Bingo.


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        I just realized that Peter Cushing played two of sci-fi's most popular characters: Dr. Who and Lije Baley.
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          The trailer looks incredible!!!

          They definately look Drakhoid.
          I have the wings for Bingo.