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    For me, Lost is still the most consistently amazing show on the air. The endlessly expanding cast might come to be a problem down the road, but for now, I look forward to more stories/flashbacks for every character on the island. I thought last night's episode was especially strong with great Kate/Sawyer interactions, a significant amount of new information on Sun/Jin's backstory, and the highlight of Ben's torturing/bribing Jack by running the Red Sox winning the World Series footage was absolute genius.

    If I had my druthers, Lost would be split into two series just so I could see more characters every week. I mean we still haven't seen anything about whole gang back at the beach and the hatch. I demand 44-48 episodes of Lost per year!


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      Jack watching baseball was genius, Sawyer picking a fight like a roughneck then analysing the whole thing like a G.I. Joe was genius, Kate in the dress melts me just a bit... I do love this show.

      I am glad they are getting back to the hatch fallout though. I like the mindgames with the Others but it felt like nothing happened for two episodes.
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