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  • Newbie here!

    Hello all!

    Have a very nice day.
    Richard Biggs 1961-2004. May he rest in peace.

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    hi fgalkin

    Big Welcome from one newbie to another!
    One up for the angry Teep


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      Welcome to the domain!
      ôàBe seeing you!ö
      Stuntman/Actor FINNEGANÆS SQUADÖ


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        Welcome to our humble abode fgalkin


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          Omg can you feel the love on this board....welcome fgalkin
          Sleeping in Light-----Darnit! Shut the Window.


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            I thought I'd take this opportunity to both introduce myself as a newbie and to point out something funny about Lytaaaargh's name.

            There is a minor leage hockey team, from NC, I believe. The name? The Grrrowl. No joke.
            Recently, there was a reckoning. It occurred on November 4, 2014 across the United States. Voters, recognizing the failures of the current leadership and fearing their unchecked abuses of power, elected another party as the new majority. This is a first step toward preventing more damage and undoing some of the damage already done. Hopefully, this is as much as will be required.


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              some advice?

              Hi! I read your excellent screenwriting book. I used it to format my very first script, for the Monk tv series. I was busy trying to follow your detailled blueprint of how to market but was stopped by--No address to send a query letter to. I went on the AOL writers corner and innocently asked if anyone knew the address where I could send a query letter for my script would have thought I set off a bomb. I got a ton of insult mail. Studios won't do anything with no agent (you said most don't but a very small percentage do) They said tv series are never queried. Well, I'm not sure. You said send "A polite letter of inquiry." Isn't that the same thing as a query letter? I hate to be dense, but I wasnt sure so I thought I'd just ask.


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                It's me again

                I also wanted to ask where do I reach the executive producer, producer, story writer? Do I write them c/o USA network, do I write to OCPI productions on the sample script I bought on Ebay they have that name and a studio in New Jersey. Andy Breckman lives in New Jersey (The series creator and executive producer) All the pigs on the AOL site are saying I can't sell a script without first moving to Hollywood. Is that just a rumor or is that real? I am trying to do this in a professional manner. Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated.


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                  Re: some advice?

                  Originally posted by Norm1066
                  Hi! I read your excellent screenwriting book...
                  First of all hi.

                  Second: who are you talking to? just in case you didn't know,JMS does not read this forum.

                  Third: next time its not necessary to reply to your own last comment,you can just edit it (saves on the flood).
                  Sleeping in Light-----Darnit! Shut the Window.