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Can anybody tell me the cultural background for this annual stampede?

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    I'm on the same boat as jan . . . shopping online
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      The only thing I buy right after Christmas is a calendar because they are usually 25-50% off or more.
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        .... Two minor points...

        ...1: It isn't only the US where you see stampedes like that. I know I'm veering a bit off topic (away from Christmas shopping) ... The Japanese, in spite of their extreme politeness in most situations, will plow you down and stampede over you during the annual New Year sales at major department stores. Most of these people are middle aged women - they kick and elbow, shout and run... quite a sight. (Japanese cultural point: there's anonymity in a crowd - you can do what you want).

        ...2. When did Christmas decorations start to appear this year? A decade ago, before I left, they were just starting to show up a few days BEFORE Thanksgiving.... which I thought was way too early...
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          Here in the Toronto area the stores started with the displays not too long after Hallowe'en on Oct. 31. When I was in France, I noticed the Christmas stuff was starting to be put up the first morning after Remembrance Day on Nov. 11. Arts and Craft stores, of course, started to trickle stuff in around Aug.-Sept.
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            Excerpt :

            Suddenly it's Christmas,
            Right after Hallowe'en.
            Forget about Thanksgiving;
            It's just a buffet in between.
            There's lights and tinsel in the windows;
            They're stocking up the shelves;
            Santa's slaving at the North Pole
            In his sweatshop full of elves.


            Yes, they're working overtime,
            Santa's little runts;
            Christmas comes but once a year
            And goes on for two months.

            Loudon Wainwright III
            Ah, my hero...
            "En wat als tijd de helft van echtheid was, was alles dan dubbelsnel verbaal?"