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  • Bryan Singer - Decent Fellow...!

    What very decent young man Bryan Singer is.

    Just for public informaion, I wrote to Bryan Singer via the SUPERMAN RETURNS Production Offices at FOX STUDIOS Australia three weeks ago and, having done this type of thing many times before in the past with no end result, consigned it to the 'hopeful' file.

    Within the letter I wrote the usual things, how much I enjoy his work, HOUSE, SUSPECTS, X-Men etc...pretty much as you might expect. But then I also added a short, throw away paragraph that I just didn't expect him to make anything of, about how my mother loves the movies, but cannot tolerate sitting in a movie theatre's made-to-fit-all-shapes-and-sizes chair due to her spinal arthritis. She really just CANNOT do it (Side note: To compensate for this in some part, I bought and installed for her a multi-region DVD player and 5.1/DTS audio system !).

    Do you know, only some 11 days later, Mr Singer replied and he not only enclosed an autographed photo, personalised, to Sharon (FireBird) and myself...he also enclosed a seperate one which he personalised to my mother. He didn't actually know her name so he warmly wrote "To Mom, Be Well, Bryan Singer"

    What care Mr. Singer shows to his fans, what consideration, what fine manners.

    This fantastically talented young man is a fine object lesson to all supposed 'stars' out there. Sharon and I will place his picture in our collection of autographs which include Irvin Kirshner, Gary Kurtz, the late Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Ian Mckellen, Harrison Ford, Margot Kidder, the Babylon 5 cast, Robert Englund and Adam West (to mention just a few)

    Thank you Bryan, very much appreciated
    Yes, I still collect Laserdiscs!!
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    It's always nice to hear about positive experances like this.
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      He really is a terrific guy, very patient and gracious to fans in person as well. I met him about five years ago. I was attending a national meeting of The Home Theater Forum in Los Angeles, and as part of the trip about 60 of us spent a day at Fox. It was the day of the official announcement of the first X-Men DVDs, when review copies went out to the press, a few weeks before they arrived in stores. Singer and Stan Lee appeared on stage in one of the studio's theaters, along with several Fox execs, and answered questions from the press. After the press conference broke up I was surprised when instead of being escorted out of the building we were taken to an upstairs room and given gift bags with copies of the movie DVD. Then we were ushered into a second, larger room. At one end was Stan Lee, at the other Bryan Singer. We were split into two groups - one directed to Singer, the other to Lee. After about 45 minutes of questions, answers and autographs we switched off and met the other guy.

      I had met Stan several times before (the last about 25 years earlier at a New York comic book convention) and he's always a hoot. But I only knew Singer through his work. He was by turns funny, charming and modest in the Q&A and very nice to everyone while signing the 30 or so members of my group. I still have that copy of X-Men signed by Lee and Singer set aside. When the disc was released to retail I bought a copy, and I've since purchased X-Men 1.5 with the commentary track that Singer didn't do for the original release. (He had told us that he a) didn't have time since the DVD was released so soon after the theatrical run ended and he had barely finished doing press for the overseas releases, b) didn't have enough perspective on the film and c) wasn't able to assemble the group of people he wanted to include on the commentary track.)

      He also dodged all questions the plans for a sequel to X-Men, which amused some of us because we'd seen Patrick Stewart - who according to that day's paper was in New York with his new wife - having dinner at Jerry's Deli the night before. We had a feeling that he might have found time to stop at Fox and discuss the possible sequel with Singer et al.


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