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A question on THE DEVIL'S REJECTS...(Spoiler Warning)

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  • A question on THE DEVIL'S REJECTS...(Spoiler Warning)

    Has anyone seen THE DEVIL'S REJECTS by Rob Zombie? If you have, can I ask you a question about it?

    As the movie opens and the Firefly Family are introduced, they are shown as totally without redeeming qualities whatsoever. They are just cold killers from the get-go. They are not the least bit pitiable.

    When the mad sheriff catches up with them and starts dealing out some of his own brand of good Ol' boy justice, was it Zombies' intention to see if he could get us to feel sorry for them, even though he'd shown them as horrid creatures?

    Interesting mind trick, or just by accident?
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    I haven't seen The Devil's Rejects, (and I doubt if I will). I loved the first 20 minutes of House of 1000 Corpses (mostly because of the humour) but it turned into the most reprehensible movie I'd seen since Se7en. Derivative, badly made and pointlessly sadistic, I love the original Texas Chainsaw, it has something to say and is well made but all this film seemed to say wouldn't it be cool to dance around in the skin of a young woman's father while threatening the death of her friends. Zombie belongs to the sub-sub-culture which thinks the Manson family were a hip alternative to the Walton's. Perhaps if his pregnant wife was stabbed to death by Nazi's he'd think a little differently.
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