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Good to see Claudia Christian back on telly

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  • Good to see Claudia Christian back on telly

    I see the lovely Claudia is back on our screens on BBC2's comedy show 'Broken News'. Does any one know if the scene she was in was shot in the US ? I ask because the rest was all Brit actors with the scenes she was in the only American bit. Could she have been in Britain filming and we didn't know ?

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    I'd been under the impression that Claudia had been spending quite a bit of time in the UK recently. Wasn't she working on Star Hyke? Or is that ancient news?

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      She was indeed in the UK working on Starhyke, but that wrapped a long time ago. The website for the show says that the first series is in the can after a hectic 5 weeks of fiming, and there will be a new interactive website coming in early 2005! It has had both those messages up for months and months now.

      One can only wonder whether we will ever actually get to see the show.
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        And I think it will be interesting to see if anyone loses interest in Starhyke if the show is not what they expected.It's supposed to have a channnel where it will be airing on soon.I think it will be announced in late November.