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    Claudia Christian mentioned this film as one of her first acting jobs and what a way to start!
    A fast paced cops and aliens thriller with car chases and shoot-outs that has achieved cult status.
    This '87 movie beat Men in Black by 10 years.

    Scores a 77% on the tomatometer
    An FBI agent (Kyle MacLachlan) and a homicide detective (Michael Nouri) hunt the current human host of an orally exchanged alien life-form.

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    btw - Claudia also starred in Hexed as mentioned in Echoes v.1 .
    Made on a shoe string budget, it's a comedy spoof of Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction.
    Written and directed by Alan Spencer best known his TV show Sledge Hammer!.
    Claudia is Hexina, a psychotic supermodel who's trying to even the score with a blackmailer.

    I thought this movie was a riot. Claudia was funny and ran this movie at a hectic pace right up to the finally.
    Maybe because it's a dark comedy that it scored a low 11% on the tomatometer
    A bored hotel clerk (Arye Gross) finagles a blind date with a French model (Claudia Christian) who is also a psychotic killer.

    Featuring Norman Fell, Arye Gross, Adreinne Shelly and Robin Curtis ( Star Trek's Lt. Savvik 2.0)


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      I want to See Never On Tuesday & Arena make it to DVD

      I love Hexed. I sure wish Never On Tuesday would come out on DVD. She is good in that too. If you haven't seen it, LOOK Season One is a must for Claudia fans. It may be her best work to date, but don't expect to see Ivanova or humor. Very serious role that is pretty intense. I wrote more about it over on the ISN Board if you want to see more info on it.

      Anyway, I am so glad Hexed and The Hidden made it to DVD. I hope The Hidden makes it to BLU-RAY, but I doubt Hexed will. And I hope Never On Tuesday and Arena make it to DVD soon. Arena is a movie that Claudia doesn't have a huge role in. It is not very good, but they make it entertaining. It has a few Trek people in it as well.

      Movies of Babylon 5 stars I wish would come out on DVD or BLU-RAY.

      Never On Tuesday (1989)
      Arena (1989)
      Mad About You (1990)
      And there are probably a couple more I can't remember.

      Diplomatic Immunity (1991)

      Anyone else have any favorites they would like to see make to a home video release?
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      Susan Ivanova, "I'll be in the car."


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        I liked Hexed, and I wore out my tape of The Hidden. First thing I said when I saw Ivanova was that's that girl from The Hidden! Ha. I didn't see Never On Tuesday. Claudia was in Gnorm the Gnome, I wouldn't bother otherwise, actually I think the main reason I rented it was she was in it. BTW, you know that's a body double in the scene in Hexed. I think about that movie when I watch Acts of Sacrifice sometimes.
        "And what kind of head of Security would I be if I let people like me know things that I'm not supposed to know? I mean, I know what I know because I have to know it. And if I don't have to know it, I don't tell me, and I don't let anyone else tell me either. " And I can give you reasonable assurances that the head of Security will not report you for doing so."
        "Because you won't tell yourself about it?"

        "I try never to get involved in my own life, too much trouble."


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          Never On Tuesday

          Never On Tuesday (1989) is a quirky road comedy where Claudia plays a model who is in a car accident in the middle of the desert with two young guys, one of whom is Peter Berg. It was scheduled for a DVD release a few years back and I had it pre-ordered, but the release company never delivered to Amazon or anyone for that matter. I am surprised it never made it to DVD because there are a lot of celebrity cameos - Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Nicholas Cage, Carey Elwes, Judd Nelson, and others. It is another Adam Rifkin project Claudia worked in like The Dark Backward (1991), The Chase (1994) and Look: The TV Series (2010). Claudia is part of an ensemble in the Look Series and one of the stars of Never On Tuesday, but just basically does cameos in The Dark Backward and The Chase. I am not kidding, you need to see Look The TV Series if you want to see an INTENSE Claudia performance. I am surprised I haven't seen more discussion about it on fan boards. She is amazing. She was not in Look (2007), Rifkin's movie that earned him the series.

          And what scene has a body double? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
          Susan Ivanova, "I'll be in the car."