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    Today's Zaman
    Danis Tanovic returns to his roots in æCirkus ColumbiaÆ
    08 January 2011, Saturday / EMİNE YILDIRIM , İSTANBUL

    Who can forget the magnificent film ôNo ManÆs Landö? Bosnian filmmaker Danis TanovicÆs feature debut was one of the best films to illustrate the devastation of the former Yugoslavia.

    Now Tanovic returns with a film that aims for a similar verisimilitude. With the kind of absurdist yet humane humor specific to the region, ôCirkus Columbiaö follows a personal story in an idyllic Herzegovinian town with the looming Yugoslav wars of the early Æ90s in the background.

    Veteran actor and comedian Miki Manojlovic stars as the idiosyncratic macho Divko. He left his hometown -- a place unspecified in Herzegovina -- 20 years ago to make his fortune in Germany and escape the communist regime. Now that the Eastern Bloc has broken down, he comes back to town armed with a brand new red Mercedes, a black cat called Bonny, which he walks on a leash, and a bombshell younger girlfriend Azra (Jelena Stupljanin). The problem is that Divko has some evil thoughts on his mind, fuelled by a desire for revenge. His wife, Lucija (the wonderful Mira Furlan from ôLostö), refused to come with him 20 years ago and decided to raise their only son Martin (Boris Ler) on her own, with the help of her friend, the army officer. Divko has no compassion for his wife and estranged son and evicts them from their house immediately to claim it as his own. ...

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    Strand Take Rights to Danis TanovicÆs ôCirkusö
    by Brian Brooks
    28 June 2011

    U.S. rights Oscar winner Danis TanovicÆs latest, ôCirkus Columbiaö have been picked up by Strand Releasing. The film is the fourth feature since his Academy Award winner, ôNo ManÆs Land,ö which took best foreign film in 2001. Strand plans a late fall 2011 roll out. ...

    ôCirkus Columbiaö stars Miki Manojlovic whose credits include Emir KusturicaÆs ôWhen Father Was Away on Business,ö Francois OzonÆs ôCriminal Loversö and Sam GarbarskiÆs ôIrina Palm,ö which he received a Best Actor nomination at the European Film Awards. The film also stars Mira Furlan from the TV series ôLostö and ôBabylon 5.ö
    Strand Releasing is based in Culver City, CA and is run by Gerrans and Marcus Hu. StrandÆs current slate includes Catherine BreillatÆs ôThe Sleeping Beauty,ö Claude and Nathan MillerÆs ôIÆm Glad My Mother is Aliveö Tom TykwerÆs ô3,ö and Braden KingÆs ôHere.ö
    Strand plans for a late fall release.


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      Mira's a class act. Always happy to see her getting more work.
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