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JMS movie update May 7

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  • JMS movie update May 7

    JMS posted an update on what's keeping him busy lately. On the movie front:

    The next draft of Lensman went in a couple of weeks ago, and I'm hip
    deep on Shattered Union for Bruckheimer. There are a couple of other
    feature deals on the table but I don't want to say anything until and
    unless they reach fruition. I was offered a couple of production
    rewrites on films about to go to camera, but had to decline due to
    prior commitments. I need to honor what's on my plate before reaching
    for anything else.
    The progress on Flickering Light waits now on getting actors
    involved. We've gotten a good chunk of preliminary financing, but to
    get the rest of the way we need some name performers. We're getting
    very close to two such actors, but I'll know more about that in a week
    or three. At the moment, should all go according to plan (which never
    happens), the goal would be to prep in January/February and shoot in
    March/April in Berlin. So far, everybody seems okay with the idea of
    me directing the thing
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