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    Originally posted by JoeD80 View Post
    Strange definition of "bombed at the box office"...the movie did make a profit in the end. The gross ended up at about $57 mil and was at theaters all the way until February this year. This would be a film I'd love to have in HD with its beautifully done effects; I'm picking this one up as soon as I can.
    Yeah I don't understand how something being profitable = bomb. I really can't consider this my favorite of movies by any means, but as far as the genre goes I enjoyed it. Maybe when they say bomb they mean "bombed...compared to the Matrix."
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      Originally posted by SmileOfTheShadow View Post
      Yeah I don't understand how something being profitable = bomb.
      Except that $57 million gross box office minus $40 million production cost doesn't include advertising, the direct distribution fees (which can be 40% of gross ticket sales), and numerous other expenses. The rule of thumb used to be twice the production cost before you break even, but these days, it is probably closer to three times. Here is way more than you ever wanted to know about movie financials.

      And, to bring this back on topic, Babylon 5 has never shown a profit, because that is the way the studio system sets things up...

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        That's confusing net profit with gross profit. Babylon 5 did show profit. They had to show a gross profit every single year. But the *net* profit was always in the red because of the production costs of others being counted against Babylon 5. Now in the same way, they can do this with Ninja Assassin, and charge its advertising budgets against something else.
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