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Forbidden Planet prequel or sequel?

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  • Forbidden Planet prequel or sequel?

    New here, after reading about the new version.

    For what its worth, I've always felt the original FP was fine in its own time- but with the all male, white crew, a bunch of sexist anachronisms, failure to predict advances in electronics, linguistics, physics, the story probably could use a more modern approach.

    Even so, it seems to me that the stories FLANKING the crisis ending in blowing up Altair IV would be much more interesting. After all, the original colonists were there for a YEAR, the love story between Morbius and his wife, his rejection of earth culture, exploration of the planet, discovery of the Krell, the tensions leading to the murders by the Id Monster- much more engaging than the 'walk-on' roles played by military folks in the original movie, and the shallow character developments there.

    And what happens AFTER? Does Commander Adams get grounded and demoted for helping get the planet blown up (if he suspected Morbius' mind of murder, then his continued confrontational style (and relationship with Altaira) was in large part responsible for bringing things to a head- it reminds me of Kirk in the M4 episode, when McCoy tells the captain about the computer's creator's state of mind, and Kirk sends him over the edge anyway, seemingly deliberately (was it common pop-psych wisdom in the 50's/60's that this sort of thing would get the other to 'snap out of it'- as Gen. Patton may have done with the shell-shocked soldier??).

    Does Alta stay with Adams permanently, or does she eventually divorce him, perhaps after having children with him. Exiled to be governor of some forgotten outback post? Robbie- defender of robot civil rights?

    What if they only THOUGHT the planet was destroyed (enough energy from far enough away would certainly produce that illusion, especially if nobody went back for a look-see). Could the big machine repair itself, the damage done to the geological infrastructure, and reboot the reactors? Alternatively, if the machine were thrown into space (with or without planetary destruction, as by a Verne Shot), it might have fallen into the star Altair itself, supplying it with more energy than it ever had before. Now it might build planets, or Ringworlds, Dyson Spheres (does Altair disappear, tipping folks off?), giant space arks, etc.

    The machine would need to have at least minimal artificial intelligence (not conceived of in the movie) in order to keep itself in shape and also interact adaptively in its brain-boost mode. Could aspects of those it has interacted with remain within, as 'ghosts' in the machine- in such a case the Krell might not be completely dead (do they even KNOW they're dead?), nor the killed humans. How much would it take for the machine to reconstitute their bodies with energy/matter conversion- once they figure things out?

    Might Robbie have built into his very molecular structure a coded copy of the cumulated scientific knowledge of the Krell, as a fallback measure that Morbius failed to mention 'just in case'? A fact only recognized if someone had to repair damage to Robbie under extreme magnification? Would Robbie himself know, but not tell anyone because nobody ever asked?

    Adams' now middle aged kid, or grown grandkids might have gone off to see for him/her/themself/selves what crumbs might be gleaned from the leftovers of Altair IV, gone missing, forcing Adams and Alta to go looking. And looking, they find more than they ever bargained for.