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    I wouldn't mind seeing the Dilgar War, and Earth's rise to prominence (the move passed the Centauri, meeting the Narn (I am unsure of the actual history of this first meeting), and Earth deciding to get involved in galactic events and risking itself for the sake of others. Plenty of good stories there. But it seems like something better used in a miniseries or movie.

    Areas that could work for a show is the Telepath War (seeing the Psi Corp come apart, seeing telepaths forced to pick sides, having to reintergrate into society, generational conflict, bigotry, etc, plus lots of Jerry Doyle please (and the ISA's prez at times), and maybe other cameos from B5 and Crusades.

    Another story that would be fun to see as a TV movie in the Mindwalkers of Narn - see G'Quan's efforts to save his people and the dark cost to them. Could be an epic story.

    Any chance to see Furlan, okay anyone and everyone from B5, return would be great. Maybe something on the history and turmoil of Mars.
    "You folks should understand that we're out there now. We might not be ready for a lot of this stuff, but we're doing the best we can. We are a very curious race."