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  • This seller looks like he'd love to make as much as JMS did for Line Medal. It's a cool item, though - a box made of the Ikarran tech from 'Infection' is other items from the seller, apparently from John Iacovelli. I'd sorta like a script but I don't think I'd spring that much for something I've already got from the set.

    ETA: There are some gaping issues I've got with some listings. This one doesn't mention what the box is made from. The sheet music doesn't say which season the theme is from. The 'In the Beginning' script doesn't mention that it's not a complete script, only the blue revisions and doesn't say how many actual pages. And that's ignoring the fact that he got the episode title for the prop wrong. Not saying that these aren't really Iacovellis things, he actually posted about doing so on FB. Just strikes me as careless.

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    • Originally posted by Jan View Post

      Unless the script for sale is a first draft, the easiest way is to make sure that there are multi-colored pages. Each revision of a script is released on a different color paper, as noted on the bottom right of the title page pictured. With B5 another way to tell is that they would put the name (or just department sometimes) on a label in the upper right corner. In the case of the auction, it looks like the label has fallen off or been removed (as some have done on mine). Here's a pic of the one I bought from a crew member for comparison.
      Thanks for the suggestions Jan