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JMS holding a garage sale!

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  • The Book of G'Kar

    Looks like the winning bid on The Book of G'Kar came in at $13,000 - which appeared to be the reserve set by JMS. The same person who purchased JMS's uniform jacket won this auction too. I will likely never have the kind of discretionary income that would allow me to make such purchases, but I certainly did fantasize about it a few times. May he or she enjoy those items and keep them safe.

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    • I'm pretty sure that s/he's the one who won the bidding for the PPG, too. That's quite a collection.

      The items I've coveted the most so far have been 1) the scripts (no surprise, right?), 2) the Line Medal, 3) the Book of G'Kar and 4 the Peter Ledger painting.

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      • The only items that made me seriously regret not having this kind of money were the unfilmed Crusade scripts. There were a bunch of nice collector's items, but those were the only ones with content I covet.
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