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  • Projects We Hope To See Someday...

    On IMDb Pro, they list all of the projects "in development" for JMS. They're projects that were announced at some point that may or may not ever come to fruition. There doesn't seem to be any set time that a project drops off, probably because it seems that projects just stop moving forward, they're seldom formally dropped (that I can tell).

    Of all of these, I'd most like to see:

    Midnight Nation (adaptation of JMS' comic)
    Repent, Harlequin! Said the Ticktock Man (adaptation of Harlan Ellison story)
    The Flickering Light (original JMS screenplay)
    Vlad Dracula (original JMS screenplay about Dracula)
    Voices from the Dead (original JMS screenplay about Doyle/Houdini)

    How about you?
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    I'm usually not a fan of remakes, but I'd love to see what JMS had in mind for "Forbidden Planet".

    Clearly he was a fan, as "A Voice in the Wilderness" paid homage to it.

    With JMS providing the script, and the right director, that could be great.


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      Very high on my list would be The Flickering Light
      Other very interesting stuff would be Forbidden Planet and Midnight Nation.
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        In order, the 5 I would like to see most:

        Forbidden Planet
        Flickering Light
        Rising Stars
        Midnight Nation
        Rod Serling's Night Gallery
        Susan Ivanova, "I'll be in the car."