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  • Jan
    JMS posted a link to an email interview with the House of Speakeasy folks:

    Lots of stuff there but the part that has me squee-ing (yes, I've been known to squee):

    HoS: What are you working on now?
    JMS: Helping out with two film projects for Legendary, writing a movie for MGM based on my Rising Stars graphic novel, writing a series pilot for Universal based on my Midnight Nation novel (it’s been a good year for my GN work), developing a pilot for ITV, just finished another pilot for CBS Studios, finishing up the last of my work in comics, almost done writing my autobiography, and starting my first novel in many years. Otherwise pretty slow.
    Emphasis mine. That's a book I seriously want to read!


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  • Jan
    Tickets and more information available here:

    House of SpeakEasy returns to Joe’s Pub with a bang, not a whimper, this September – because whatever the newscasters say, This Is Not the End.

    Four writers; four stories; forsooth! what larks await. Discover not one, not two, but Thirteen Ways of Looking with award-winning novelist Colum McCann. Explore the art of life with biographer and historian Ruth Scurr. Hit the high notes with Queen of the Night author Alexander Chee. And rediscover the meaning of binge-watching with Sense8 and Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski. Shake off back-to-school election-season apocalypse blues with another Seriously Entertaining fix of literary cabaret.
    ETA: This looks interesting:

    The show asks each writer to riff on a given theme for fifteen minutes only. Whether the result leaves you howling with laughter or sorrow, it will be an evening you’re sure to remember.
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  • Jan
    started a topic JMS at Joe's Pub

    JMS at Joe's Pub

    JMS posted:

    Originally posted by Fans of J. Michael Straczynski

    Citizens of New York: I will be coming to your fair city to talk alongside eminently more qualified writers than I at the House of Speakeasy. The event will take place at the Joe's Pub facility (appropriately) at the New York Public Theater on September 20th. Previous speakers include Salman Rushdie, Jonathan Alter, PJ O'Rourke and Paul Haggis, so I can only assume someone who was actually *good* at this canceled and my phone rang.
    Nonetheless, I will be there, and for a small fee (tickets online soon) you can hear me speak. I will be hosting a subsequent event where, for a larger fee, I will not say anything at all, because I am a firm believer in giving the people what they want. I would sponsor a third event where I would not show up at all, but I don't think anyone here could afford it.