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B5 Crewmember 'Mojo' needs our help

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  • B5 Crewmember 'Mojo' needs our help

    Posting this in its entirety. B5 taught us of the power of one person to make a difference and this is a good time to step up. If you can't give money, please help spread the word.

    Star Trek : Enterprise, Voyager and Deep Space 9, the New Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and Babylon 5 are among the shows Adam 'mojo' Lebowitz was a senior animator on.

    Plainly put, he’s helped create some of the most memorable, dynamic, exciting and just plain beautiful CG sequences within those shows. Recently I put up a post showing how he’d updated an FX heavy sequence for the classic BSG on his own time – it’s since been picked up by some of the bigger genre news sites (though I doubt the information on this post will) ….

    This is "Demo Reel - Remastering A Classic" by Merrick on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

    Thing is, like many of those who help create the success behind such TV shows he doesn’t get paid residuals…… and why is that worth posting about?

    Because right now, even the small amount of cash they would generate would come in pretty handy.

    For a few years now mojo has been unable to work after a car accident. In chronic pain he became addicted to prescription pain killers – an all too familiar story. He’s now off them and the source of his debilitating condition has finally been nailed down.

    The thing is, over the past few years his physical condition has deteriorated quite badly. If you’ve seen old photographs of him, you wouldn’t recognise him now. Unable to work he’s been unable to secure a regular income. Unable to utilise his amazing talent to bring in the cash, he’s now in the horrific situation of loosing his apartment while receiving treatment.

    Here’s a link to a recent post made by a friend over on his facebook page.

    Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.

    I’m just putting this out there on the off chance anyone wants to, or can, help – details of how that can be done are on the above post.

    As sci-fi fans the chances are we’ve all enjoyed his work at some point during one or more of the above shows – without even realising the same guy was responsible. The financial and contractual inequities within the “entertainment” industry are horrendous, but this isn’t the place to go into specific details on that.

    It’s up to you of course, but if you’re a fan of any of the above shows, sharing what's happening with other fans on forums, blogs, and discussion groups focusing on those shows might help the ‘guy’ out. It’s a little embarrassing, but he’s not in a good place right now and I suspect that appearing vulnerable and in need of some help is the least of his worries at the moment.

    To quote a bit of the message linked to above.
    "If you can send him something, anything, via PayPal (to [email protected]), it’s literally the difference in Mojo getting back on his feet or being homeless. Please do what you can."
    The PayPal address to use is: [email protected]

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    I've enjoyed mojo's parleys with Doug Drexler on the old Drex Files site... they're both pixel pushers from way back.

    This is a good review of his achievements and contributions.
    Interview with “Mojo,” a Visual Effects Supervisor and artist who has worked on projects such as Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: Voyager, and Babylon 5 — ed, N.E. Lilly


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      and now the forum says I need 10 here they are.


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        Good news! An update posted by Mojo himself:

        Originally posted by Adam Mojo Lebowitz
        MOJO UPDATE!
        First of all, many thanks to everyone who has helped me out with a donation; I can't tell you how much your generosity has meant to me. It's allowing me to keep my apartment while I'm in rehab and learning how to live a normal life again. Just a few more bills to pay and I should be out of the woods... If you still want to help out see the previous post for details.

        Secondly, I've been moved to a more in-depth facility called Phoenix House where a structured, healthy lifestyle is the order of the day. I'm up at 7am every day and have a full schedule of classes and work (and I've more or less taken over the A/V room and properly set up the movie watching gear smile

        I still have yet to see a doctor about my peripheral neuropathy (I can still barely feel my poor feet) but I hope to this week. Wish me luck!

        My Internet access is spotty but I'll continue to post updates as I can. One step at a time, friends!
        If you still would like to lend a hand, the email address to PayPal funds to is
        [email protected]

        "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.