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How much is this stuff worth?

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  • How much is this stuff worth?

    Hi. I may be soon in a position where I might have to sell a few things. Mostly it depends on if our union goes on strike. IF I did have to sell, how much would be reasonable for the framed& numbered Decleration of Principles? Also how much would be reasonable for all 15 volumes of scriptbooks, the three other voices, the movie scripts, the green one (can't remember name) and the first volume of Crusade script book?

    I'm repeat I'm not selling yet (and hope that I will not have too) but am looking for a price.



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    I think there was a complete set of script books (just the original B5 ones) on eBay for $650. That's probably a good indicator.
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      David, the market isn't great on these right now. I've checked ebay, both current and recent auctions.

      There have been multiple complete sets of the scriptbooks, ranging from $575 on up. Not one has sold. And that's at just about the same price they were when they were new.

      The Other Voices or TV Movies, you might be able to get $30 each.

      The green book is the first version of the Chronology. It's long since out of print. There was an updated version with a white cover, and that is also out of print. With prices set over $50, none have sold recently.

      This one pains me ... It is the complete collection 1-15, and it's going for $250 with free shipping. That's less than half of anything the seller could have possibly paid to get them originally.

      If you are going to sell anything, the DoP is your best bet. It is, by far, the rarest of the lot. You know exactly how many were sold, as your piece is numbered. They are extremely rare on ebay, and when they do turn up, tend to bring more than their original price.
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        Hi. Thanks for all the info. Hopefully I won't have to act on it.