With thanks to Troy Rutter for passing this along:

A request from Star Trek's Walter Koenig, via the TrekFest mailing list:

"Attention all the friends: I need help. There has to be 700 pre-sales of my graphic novel "Things To Come" on Amazon.com in order to meet the publishing deadline of October 20th. I don't want to twist anyone's arm but if you think that you might buy it after publication I'd request that you put in your order now. Otherwise, it might not be published at all. (I guess that does sound like I'm twisting your arm. Sorry about that). Don't know any other way to make the point accept to say I think you'd enjoy the story. Thanks for checking this message."

-- Walter Koenig
Looks like it could be interesting. And it's a real deal compared to $4 for 20 pages or so.