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  • Captain Power Episode Reviews - SPOILERS

    Well besides one quick overview by SmileOfTheShadow, there hasn't been a review thread for this series yet. Since I've had the DVDs awhile I figured I might as well discuss my thoughts episode-by-episode. Quick overview - this show was created by Gary Goddard and was sponsored by Mattel. There were some interactive toys that would work with targets on the screen. According to the commentaries Gary wrote the scenes that the toy company wanted but let his writing staff do the rest. Marc Scott Zicree wrote the bible, pilot, and created a five-year arc (!) for the show. JMS then took over as head writer for the whole first season. I am watching the first episode now so will post my thoughts a littler later today!

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    Sounds like fun, thanks for thinking of it. I watched the first few and then got distracted. Your thread may drag my attention back.

    ETA: Are you going to listen to the commentaries with the episodes or go back afterward to listen?

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      I usually watch the episode and then listen to the commentary after. Although in this case I already listened to the Goddard and Zicree commentaries before watching the episodes.

      First episode

      Shattered by Larry DiTillio
      [although Zicree wrote the pilot it was never produced so this episode starts out the show]

      The basics of the show are it's a post-war world after "The Metal Wars" where machines have "digitized" most humans and assimilated them. The leader of the machines is a guy named Lord Dread who looks pretty much like the Borg [this show was on during season one of TNG so this pre-dates the Borg]. His fortress is in a place called "Volcania" which looks very cool. There was a resistance which has mostly died but Captain Power and his team still fight against Lord Dread. The main characters fighting against Dread are Jonathan Power, Jennifer "Pilot" Chase, Matthew "Hawk" Masterson, Michael "Tank" Ellis, and Robert "Scout" Baker. This episode involves Lord Dread taking a woman (Athena) from Power's past out of the machines in an attempt to use her to digitize Power. We learn some of the long-term arc here when Scout manages to destroy a power station that delays something that Dread is planning called "Project New Order". When Athena finally meets Power in what used to be San Francisco [the model looks the same as the desolated San Diego in Babylon 5] she decides to kill him to make him free from the torture of the machines. Scout and Pilot are the characters most developed in this episode, where we see Scout's carefree but serious attitude, and Pilot displays a little bit of jealousy towards Power regarding Athena. We are also introduced to one of Dread's henchman, Soaron, a CGI pterodactyl robot thing, and his troops the Bio-dreads, which appear to be humanoid robots (and interact with the toys). When Dread learns that Athena is trying to kill Power to save him he sends Soaron to attack. The team fights back (the EFX here are a little sloppy where it looks like someone is just holding toys in the air) and rescues Athena telling her the attitude she has developed that death is the only way out is exactly what Dread is hoping for - that hope has been killed. Power says he will win against Dread.

      I've never been good at giving ratings on a scale but I will say that I liked this episode and it was a fairly good introduction to the Captain Power universe.
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        My facebook tells me an announcement about the Captain Power reboot is coming shortly...


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          Originally posted by JoeD80 View Post
          My facebook tells me an announcement about the Captain Power reboot is coming shortly...
          I could see a new one being really well done. Take out some of the cheese it's not a bad premise.
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