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  • A couple of interesting tweets last night.

    Originally posted by JMichael Straczynski
    ‏@straczynski 14h14 hours ago
    That intense, nonstop, caught-in-the-jaws-of-a-beast moment when you realize you're not writing the script, the script is writing you....
    Sounds like that white-heat he's said produces his best writing!


    Originally posted by JMichael Straczynski
    ‏@straczynski 11h11 hours ago
    If you love old 40s-50s comics, check this out for tons of downloadable *public domain* comics from that period.
    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


    • These are from Facebook last night.

      Note that I don't agree with JMS at all regarding sitting out the presidential part of the ballot but as usual, his words are worth reading:

      Originally posted by Fans of J. Michael Straczynski
      I tend not to look to any one source of news but rather graze a bunch of different sources. The way the internet works it is very easy to just hear only the stories that you agree with, to live in a constantly self-reinforcing bubble. So as much as some hard right wing news sources can be infuriating, I go from there to the hard left, and try to apply the rules of critical thinking and analysis to get my arms around who's telling the truth and who's either lying or deliberatly muddying the waters.

      As to this election cycle: I've voted in every Presidential election since I was old enough to vote, but this is the first time I'm giving serious consideration to staying home. Trump is a thug and a brownshirt waiting to happen. As to Secretary's my problem. When you look at past presidents and campaigns, there was a vision given that was greater than the person running. The New Deal. The New Frontier. Morning in America. You could agree or disagree with those visions, but at least they were there. Secretary Clinton's vision seems to be: It's My Turn. (Stronger Together is a obvious a sop as you can ask for, as mealy-mouthed and generic as a focus group.)

      I live in a Democracy (well, technically, a republic); we do not do aristocracies here. Person X doesn't inherit the throne after Person Y dies. Nobody is entitled to be president. It's nobody's turn. You make the best case you can, and the people vote on whether or not that position resonates.

      For a lot of folks, the main reason to vote for Clinton is to vote against Trump. That's not the same as being for someone. She ranks as one of the most disliked candidates in the history of American presidential politics. That's not me, that's every poll ever conducted. But it's her turn (courtesy of some sandbagging by the DNC) and that's that.

      I think of how much further the Democratic Party could be right now in terms of taking the House and Senate if we had someone running who people actually *liked*, an Elizabeth Warren or a Bernie Sanders. With a clown like Trump running the Democrats, buttressed by a qualified candidate without that degree of baggage, could run the table. But that's not going to happen. Because Secretary Clinton believes it's her turn, that she's entitled to this position. So be it.

      The only thing I'm recommending this election season is to vote for every down-ticket to throw out every jackass that helped put Trump in place. Every cowardly lickspittle who put someone who is as close to being certifiably nuts within range of the White House. They need to be seriously trounced in order to ensure that this doesn't happen again. But on the Presidential side, as noted, I may choose to abstain. If there was any chance of California going for Trump that would change, but there's not, so I'm just going to let this one go.
      Just for fun I asked what JMS' favorite line of scene from Sense8 are:

      Originally posted by Fans of J. Michael Straczynski
      Favorite line would be "is it we who make the choice, or the choice that makes us?" Favorite scene: bollywood dance sequence.
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      "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


      • JMS still has the characters visit him:

        Originally posted by Fans of J. Michael Straczynski
        I've often commented on the fact that the Babylon 5 characters still live in my head and talk to me. Sometimes they're big, huge, philosophical conversations, sometimes just little trivial stuff. It's like they live in the corners of my bedrooma and come out to play when the lights go out. Had that happen again around 5 am when I'm trying to sleep. Picking up on Delenn's problems with the dictionary -- you define one word by looking up another word (e.g., "sphere, see 'round'"), and that word is defined by another word you have to look up, it never ends -- I hear this.

        Delenn: For Minbari, a word is its own unique thing; there is no other word that describes it. It is a thing unto itself, there is just one if it, and it needs no further clarification or explanation.

        Sheridan: You can't just have one word for something. Look, if you're angry at someone, what's the word for anger?

        Delenn: rak'ka

        Sheridan: Okay, so let's say you're furious with someone, what's the word for that?

        Delenn: rak'ka

        Sheridan: No, not just angry, I mean red-faced, yelling, really just berserker-level rage.

        Delenn: (sighs) rak'ka

        Sheridan: I don't understand.

        Delenn: This much is obvious.

        Sheridan: Okay, let me go the other way. What if you're just a little bit angry? What we would call being just annoyed with someone. What's the word for *that*?

        Delenn: rak'ka

        Sheridan: Damn it, if the word is always the same, if there's just one word for it, then how the hell is someone supposed to know how angry you are at them?

        Delenn: (leans in ominously) By how LOUDLY we SAY it. Do you have a problem with that...human?

        Sheridan: None whatsoever.

        (And I'm like: are we done? Can I go back to sleep now?)
        Originally posted by Fans of J. Michael Straczynski

        Had the same thing happen with Londo and Sheridan a while back. It went like this:

        Londo: Captain, there is something I do not understand. There is this human term, "bulls-eye." Now, I have looked this up. I have seen photographs. There is not a bull on it. There is not an eye on it. Can you explain this to me?

        Sheridan: It's just a slang term for something that's flat and wooden and has a target in the middle.

        Londo: Ah! Like you, then.
        "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


        • Great that these characters are still kicking around in his head!

          Perhaps there are still stories to tell!
          Captain John Sheridan: I really *hate* it when you do that.

          Kosh: Good!


          • I read that in the actor's voices. It really shows what a great writer JMS is when the lines wouldn't work for any other characters.
            "It means living each moment as if it were your last one. It means doing each right thing because it is the right thing. The scale doesn't matter. The where, the when, the how, or in what cause... none of those things matter."


            • I didn't just read it in the actors' voices, but I also imagined when they would pause, raise their voice and so on!!
              My posts are my own opinion and do not represent's opinions or views. As it's written under my handle I'm "just a fan".


              • Interesting JMS phrase on twitter (11-06-2016):
                One of the prouder things about #babylon5 was that you generally weren't afraid the characters would die, but that a part of them would die.


                • Originally posted by B5-Stefan View Post
                  Interesting JMS phrase on twitter (11-06-2016):

                  True. G'Kar lost his anger, Londo lost - well, everything. I think Susan just slowly died emotionally. JMS can be hard on his characters.

                  Tonight on Twitter he was talking about not having taken a non-writing vacation since 1994 and that he first works on deadlines then rewards himself with writing what he wants. I took the opportunity to ask about a year-end update.

                  "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


                  • This isn't a post by JMS but from Adam 'Mojo' Lebowitz. He's posted a high-resolution rendering of the station from the original model by Ron Thornton.

                    His post:

                    ALL ALONE IN THE NIGHT
                    This is an HD render of the original model, made by the incomparable Ron Thornton in 1991. He loved colorful imagery and defied the traditionally black and white look of space by adding a bright, blue nebula to the backdrop of Babylon 5.

                    When the show premiered, people cried out, "that's ridiculous, space doesn't look like that!" A year later, we started getting all those bright, colorful images back from the Hubble Space Telescope.

                    Turns out Ron was being conservative. I miss him.

                    Here's a link to the full, hi-res version:
                    and the link to the render:
                    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


                    • Originally posted by Jan View Post
                      This isn't a post by JMS but from Adam 'Mojo' Lebowitz. He's posted a high-resolution rendering of the station from the original model by Ron Thornton:
                      Wow, that's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

                      And now I have 22 Babylon 5 themed wallpapers for my desktop background slideshow.


                      • Originally posted by alpha128 View Post
                        wow, that's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

                        And now i have 22 babylon 5 themed wallpapers for my desktop background slideshow.
                        wow! I love that! Wow! :d
                        Susan Ivanova, "I'll be in the car."


                        • Originally posted by Jan View Post
                          This isn't a post by JMS but from Adam 'Mojo' Lebowitz. He's posted a high-resolution rendering of the station from the original model by Ron Thornton.

                          His post:

                          and the link to the render:
                          Simply gorgeous!


                          • Never archived this response to a poster on Twitter but I've looked it up a few times in response to people around the interwebz saying that JMS has moved on/given up on B5.


                            "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


                            • Was looking for this in the archives and finally went to Google Groups.
                              From Compu$erve: (Either my news feed is running signficantly behind,
                              or no one has relayed this yet from what I can see... Probably the
                              >Message: #69437, S/5 Babylon 5
                              >Date: Thu, Jan 5, 1995 1:28:19 AM
                              >Subject: #68886-Spoo!
                              >From: J. Michael Straczynski 71016,1644
                              >To: Philip Hornsey 74053,2101
                              >Reply: #69462 (3 replies)

                              Spoo is/are (the plural of spoo is spoo) small, white, pasty,
                              mealy critters, rather worm-like, and generally regarded as the
                              ugliest animals in the known galaxy by just about every sentient
                              species capable of starflight, with the possible exception of the
                              pak'ma'ra, who would simply recommend a more rigorous program of
                              exercise. They are also generally considered the most delicious food
                              in all of known space, regardless of the individual's biology, almost
                              regardless of species, except for the pak'ma'ra, who like the flavor
                              but generally won't say so simply to be contrary.

                              Spoo are raised on ranches on worlds with a damp, moist, somewhat
                              chilly climate so that their skin can acquire just the right shade of
                              paleness. Spoo travel in herds, if moving a total of six inches in
                              any given direction in the course of a given year can actually be
                              considered moving. They stay in herds ostensibly for mutual
                              protection, but the reality is that if they weren't propped up against
                              one another, most of them would simply fall down. They do not howl,
                              bark, moo, purr, yap, squeak or speak. Mainly, they sigh. Herds of
                              sighing spoo can reportedly induce unparalleled bouts of depression,
                              which is why most spoo ranchers wear earmuffs even when it's only
                              mildly cold, damp, wet and dreary outside. If there is any
                              life-or-death struggle for dominance within the spoo herd, it has not
                              yet been detected by modern science.

                              Spoo ranching is one of the least regarded professions known.
                              Little or no skill is required, once you've got a planet with the
                              right climate. You bring in two hundred spoo, plop them down in the
                              middle of your ranch, and go back to the nearby house. Soon you've
                              got more. When it comes time to cull out the ones ready for market
                              (the softest, mealiest, palest, most forlorn-looking spoo of the
                              pack), little physical effort is required since they're incapable of
                              rapid movement without falling over (see above). They do not resist,
                              fight, or whine; they only sigh more loudly. When spoo harvest time
                              comes, the air is full of the sound of whacking and sighing, whacking
                              and sighing. Even an experienced spoo rancher can only harvest for
                              brief periods of a time, due to the increased volume of sighing, which
                              even the sound of whacking cannot altogether erase. (also see above)
                              Some have simply gone mad.

                              Spoo are the only creatures of which the Interstellar Animal
                              Rights Protection League says, simply, "Kill 'em."

                              Fresh spoo (served at an optimum temperature of 62-degrees) is
                              served in cubed sections, so that they bear as little resemblence as
                              possible to the animal from which they have just been sliced. Spoo is
                              usually served alongside a chablis, or a white zinfandel.

                              Further information on the care, feeding, eating and whacking of
                              spoo can be found in the second edition of the Interstellar Guide to
                              Fine Dining.


                              (Since this question has often been asked, if this message could
                              a) be archived, and b) posted on other systems, since I don't have
                              this on disk and am writing more or less on the fly, that would be
                              nothing less than a wonderfulness.)

                              == end included message ==

                              [Glad to be of service, JMS...]
                              "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


                              • JMS on twitter - 05-05-2017

                                Looping Ron out as this is strictly a B5 issue: WB has said they will not allow anyone to do more B5 in the TV world. Strictly pique.
                                Wouldn't work. No crowdsourcing for movies has raised more than 5-8 million, and it would take 80M to do this right as a feature.
                                Reading this, it's annoying: the same statements and proposals from B5 fans around the globe and the ever same answers JMS must state.

                                It depress me, because there might be actions to break the circulus vitiosus.

                                For instance:
                                JMS is right: NO big money feature film will be financed by crowd. Never.
                                But there are really plenty more possibilities for crowdfunding activies beside a direct financing of a movie.
                                What about that one(*):
                                Crowdfunding for about a hundred Babylon 5 DVD Box-sets: 100x90=9000 $
                                (one box-set now on 90$)
                                To send them to "Big money People" which are future orientated, technology affine, probabely grown up with ST and SW - people like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg
                                The box accompanied by a real "good" letter
                                from JMS
                                from Harlan Ellison
                                from a fan crowd (from jmsnews and elsewhere around the world)

                                Goal: to trigger attention to B5 - this sadly to often hidden TV-Gem - and its future potential.(**)


                                (*) I'm not so dumb, that I didn't know, an action like this would lead to a lot of preparing work that should be done before sending parcels to people like them.

                                (**) For sure: If only one of these people is viewing the first 5 to 7 B5 eps., this person undoubtedly is fallen into the B5-trap - and will never escape from Epsilon III.
                                With all imaginable consequences. Believe me. ;-)

                                And another spontaneous thoughts:
                                What about: WB doesn't make ANYTHING with B5. Even NO REPEATS.
                                But now go90 is streaming B5.
                                Am I totally wrong, or doesn't implicit this a contract between WB and go90?
                                And where is one contract might be others in the future.
                                (yesyesyes; never surrender dreams )