Just found on JMS' Facebook page:

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So I'm putting together a spec animated project (non-B5) from my own script and I need to find a solid animation guy or gal who's good at character, can create a noir environment, but with somewhat comic material. It can be 2D, doesn't need to be 3D. I'm doing this out of pocket so I can't afford to pay a lot, but it's a good opportunity for somebody new and talented with the artistic chops.
It could be a perfect break for someone who's just graduated, but has the needed skill set. Again, it's not a lot of money, but for someone looking to break in there may be some resume value in working on a "jms project."
Forgot the contact info: they can email me at [email protected]
At risk of stating the obvious -- well, I thought it was obvious until the first emails started coming in -- anyone interested in pursuing this needs to supply their background, and a link to a reel of their work and it needs to be on a website that's clean...my browser's set to maximum security after several previous problems and if there's the slightest glimmer of a problem or suspicion, I don't go. Just FYI.