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Hypothetically speaking how much would my B5 stuff sell for...

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  • Hypothetically speaking how much would my B5 stuff sell for...

    Hi. I'm currently crunching numbers with the hope that I would not have to sell anything, but IF I did, below would be the following items:

    Novels, & Graphic Novels

    Legions of Fire (hardcover, omnibus edition)

    PSI Corp Trilogy (hardcover, omnibus edition)

    In Valen's Name

    Script Books

    Babylon 5 Scripts Vol 1-15

    Other Voices Vol 1-3

    Across Time and Space


    Declaration of Principles Print (452/500) including certificate and original black folders.

    I hope that once I crunch the numbers I won't have to sell anything, but the items would go in descending order, leaving the print for last.



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    I'm guessing $1300-$1600
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    Yeah, well, the rent is cheap, the pay is decent and I get to make my own hours.


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      The paperback books would go for a dollar a piece if that. The scriptbooks vary online from $35 to $50. You can see the buy it nows for a $100, but they rarely move. If you have the set, you might find someone coughsuckercough to buy them for a $750 to $900. If the Declarations of Princicpals is signed by JMS, you might get a $100 to $200, I think Amy's sold for around that amount.

      B5 is unfortuantly not that great of demand say like Star Wars, Trek or even BSG. I saw a signed PPG by Bruce Boxlietner on ebay for $125 starting bid and there was no action on it over the last few days. If that was a signed lightsaber by Hamill or phaser by Shatner, it would be $200 on day two. I recently bought B5 from A to Z signed by JMS, Stephen Furst and Richard Biggs for $30 that included shipping. It should be unheard of for me to get considering JMS' position and Richard's death. I am also going to face the same problem with my B5 CCG collection which includes official autographs of Bester, Byron, Lyta and Zathurus. Back in the day, I could start with a $100 and see action, now I am going to start with a dollar and see where it goes.


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        On the contrary, the trilogies could sell for a nice amount, especially since the hardcovers are harder to find. The Centauri Prime trilogy is especially hard to find all three volumes.

        And the PPG that lotjx refered to wasn't an actual prop; it was a model that the seller had Bruce sign.

        It's probably not a great time to sell the script books since a couple of months ago the Scripts project sold the last of the sets they'd held back in case of returns so at least a few of the folks who wanted them got another chance. Some of the Ebay auctions are just plain dumb, though, thinking that they'll get over a hundred bucks for one book that's *not* Volume 15.

        Volume 15 alone, however has been known to sell for slightly over $300.

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