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Just a quick (and final) update on the B5Scrolls site

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  • Just a quick (and final) update on the B5Scrolls site

    That's the convertion over to the new format complete.

    For those interested, I've removed the section containing the rant (even though it proved popular). Slagging off the more loony fans was never what the thing was about . . . . well maybe just a little. ; )

    Another bit of FYI type update. Since I've decided I ain't working on it anymore I've taken up the offer made by a few folks after those hosting it had technical problems. So, a couple of other more established sites may be hosting it as well in the not to distant.

    But hopefully (or not, depending on personal tastes ; ) the thing will remain here as well for a couple of years, this time.

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    Glad to see it's back up and *much* easier to read now.

    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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      Thank god, I thought it was to bright to be honest, the white background makes many of the images too dark as well I feel. Plus I think I over 'processed' a few of the images, making them too sharp.

      One of the things I always wanted to do with it, once the contributors got involved, was to widen the scope of the thing.

      I was never the best person to do a site like that, it evolved more by chance than anything else. The main motivation behind it was to cover subjects that were not getting to much airplay on the net - to add to what was already on the web, at least at the time I was a newbie. The irony being that if the net was full of how wonderful the CGI was and more or less overlooking jms - the site would have focused on him. ; )

      For that reason things like the wardrobe, sets, music and the more technical aspects of it's production would have been nice. But I could never find anyone who knew stuff like that (I mean fans with the time or desire to help out), even a full section on the novels and what they contained, or how they were put together, that kind of stuff.

      Luckily I know a little about computers, but I didn't dare try and approach those other subjects.

      Anyway, I know I've said it before but this time it really is the final version. The thing was only meant to be a two or three day exercise in putting a web site together - ended up taking 3 or 4 years. ; )


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        I know I said I wasnÆt going to update date the thing anymore. But I found myself recovering from some minor knee surgery last week û and subsequently bored off my tits û so got hold of Ron and updated his interview . . . . . a bit. ; )

        Anyway, just dropped this note on the off chance anyone would find it of interest.

        BTW. The site the link points to is a bit slow right now û and IÆve tweaked things so the æflickerÆ when changing screens shouldnÆt be quite so jarring.


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          Third (and last) post in a row.

          Final update on this thing.

          Stuck the ôStuffö section back in, most of the links etc. are probably very well known by most here, but I tried sticking a few of the lesser known ones in like Greg AronowitzÆs blog. Same things for the downloads û most folks on here will be well aware of them. Updated a couple of the ships screens like this thing.

          And thatÆs it. IÆve learned never to say never with this bloody thing, so lets just say thatÆs all IÆll be doing to it . . . . until the next time.


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            Triple F, the updated website is much easier to read now. Thank you for putting together your website with all the great interviews and concept art!


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              ThereÆs been a few little updates to B5Scrolls held on the æMadgonerÆ site.

              ItÆs the last update IÆm doing to the site so IÆve added this screen in, which you might find of interest.


              I was going to add stuff like this to the ship screens.


              But every time I did one I got depressed about the quality and stopped for a while û at that rate it would have taken another 8 years to finish it. ; ) IÆd also hoped to include things like occlusion renders showing orthos for some of the original models used on the show. But as I felt awkward enough asking for them IÆve decided to not bother chasing those anymore. There was a few other ideas but this seems a good a time as any to close the book on it, hence the offer of the download to anyone who wants it. (and yes, it is really the last update û this time ; )

              btw, if you know of any B5 fans who might not read this, and might be interested, give them a kick and let them know about the download.