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    Hi all,
    Firstly I just wanted to say that I was really getting into crusade & then they canceled it!
    Now I have a lot of unanswered questions like

    Is a cure found for the drakh plague infecting Earth? What was Galen`s intentions? What does the apocalypse box`s intentions? Why did the technomages really leave? & these are just for starters.

    Please reconsider bringing this story to a close & not leave it`s fans dangling there without bringing the series to it`s conclusion.

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    Hi, KaLore, and welcome.

    We do know that the cure to the Drakh plague was found because we saw Dr. Franklin off Earth in 'Sleeping in Light', the B5 finale. Other than that, some of your questions about the Techno-mages are answered in the Techno-mage trilogy of books. One of them is hard to find but they're very worthwhile.

    As for your request that the story be finished, JMS doesn't post (or read) here so there's nobody here who can actually do anything. That said, JMS has said several times that he conceived Crusade for a visual medium and doesn't intend to do any novels (even if a publisher were interested). There is a chance of a B5 movie some day but that's no guarantee that it would touch on the events of Crusade or the Apocalypse box.

    ONe other thing. JMS has indicated in the past that he'd let us in on what he had planned for Crusade in the upcoming "Crusade: What the Hell Happened" script books. Those are being worked on now but we don't yet have a date for publication.

    Again, welcome. Hope you hang around and join the conversations.

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