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    In a way you do get my point.

    I see both Star Wars and Babylon 5 as both being broad sweeping epic saga in space. Now admittedly Star Wars is pure fantasy and B5 has at least tried to tie as much science in as wouldn't weigh the plot down. But it still has the transmigration of souls, mystical energy beings, guardians of justice swinging hand to hand weapons, dogfights in space, mysterious masked characters, family up and downs, romance etc etc thus marking out as a space opera.

    Star trek is far from epic, with a few notable exeptions it has no story arcs, no grand sweep. Most episodes are complete unto themselves. No mystical armies of light pitched against ancient forces of darkness, etc etc

    I too have found Star Trek and later Star Wars incarnations not to be a patch on B5 or written Science Fiction. But that's where a writer of JMS's calibre may step in and help.
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      Originally posted by Andrew_Swallow
      JMS submitted a proposal for a new Star Trek. We do not know how seriously it is being taken. My guess is that Paramount is using it to give the Producers of ôEnterpriseö a kick up the backside. However if the ratings do not improve there is a contingency plan ready and waiting.

      From Date: 6/17/2004 2:43:33 PM
      Amusingly enough, on the Trek front, Bryce Zabel (the creator of Dark Skies)
      and I got together and wrote a treatment earlier this year that specified how
      to save ST and develop a series that would restore the series in a big way. I
      actually think it could be a hell of a show. Whether that ever goes anywhere
      with Paramount, who knows?ö
      any chance of talking mr zabel into bringing back dark skies used to enjoy it
      ps jeri ryan lokked better in dark skies than as seven of nine


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        I liked Dark Skies too, it was much better than the simular early Taken episodes. (though they did have that gorgeous bad guy with the bit of Roswell saucer, who's name escapes me.)
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