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    Welcome to the general discussion forum! I hope you find this forum useful for discussing topics and sharing information.

    I was going to post an interesting question to get things started, but unfortunately it is 4:00AM and I need to get some sleep. I have to say that I did enjoy watching the Babylon 5 Season 3 DVDs. I'm looking forward to the Season 4 box set due out in January 2004. I need to go back and re-watch the episodes that have a commentary track. I briefly listened one with a cast commentary and was amused that they refered to working with Kosh as "having a scene with the jukebox".

    -Doug Olson

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    Watched season 3 and loved it!

    Looking forward to season 4. There seems to be discussion on another site about the release date. Some think it's Nov and WB says January. (Hope it's November! )


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      I still have yet to watch all of the Season 3 episodes on DVD. The commentaries are great, though.

      Oh, and while I'm thinking about it...

      I'm a moderator over at, and I think there are a lot of members there who would like to know about these forums.

      Would you mind if I made a news post about these forums over there?
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        Wow! Great job, Doug. The place looks great.

        On the topic of the B5 DVD's, sadly I've yet to get them. I've been waiting until the prices dropped before I pick them up. Amazon has a pretty good deal going on right now for Season 1-3 for $269.00. I was thinking about picking it up around the end of the month.

        Question: What episodes does JMS commentate in the Season 3 set?

        "The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity." - Harlan Ellison


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          >Would you mind if I made a news post about these forums over there?

          Not at all, that would actually be great. Please feel free to post links to this site anywhere it would be of interest.


          -Doug Olson


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            And another FirstOne chimes in......

            Excellent Job DougO on building some forums here. I come here all of the time to check for new JMS posts, its alot easier than the newsgroup.

            *Waves at samuelk and Mattd*


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              Altough I try to check this site time to time I first noticed the forums at the FirstOnes site.
              Few clicks and a nick change so here I am.

              Currently waiting for the R2 release of the third season.


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                Firstones Represent


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                  Thank you for a great site. I can't believe you'd have the patience to keep the site running for so long as you have. I have been visiting the site for a long time and have enjoyed your hard work to the fullest extend. Thanks a lot!
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                    Thanks, I'm glad you find the site useful and I enjoy running it. I can't believe the site will be 3 years old in December...

                    Originally posted by Banner
                    I can't believe you'd have the patience to keep the site running for so long as you have.
                    Fortunately most of the site functions are automatic so I normally just need to keep an eye on it.



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                      must also feel nice that he points here as a resource for info on himself


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                        Just want to add to the praise of this site. Been using it for a long time and it's just excellent for the weeks when I don't have time to browse the usenet groups.

                        And now even forums here as well

                        MattD, JMS comments on Severed Dreams and Z'ha'dum while some of the cast comments on Interludes and Examinations


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                          Looks like this is going to be a good news group, it is already a good site.
                          Andrew Swallow


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                            Just wanted to thank you for your service. I've been a B5 (and, once I started paying attention, JMS) fan since Season 2. I, along with so many others, suffered through the uncertainty of the final two seasons, the heartbreak of Crusade, and the quick, but not quite painless, death of Rangers. But I guess you've got to take the bad along with the good.

                            While I have been an SF fan for (many, many) years, the uniqueness of the B5 experience, what with Lurker's incredibly detailed support site, JMS's participation in the daily discussions, the 'Save Crusade' crusade, etc., made it one of the most entertaining I've ever been 'involved' with.

                            I'd also like to thank JMS for telling engaging stories using complex characters speaking precise, thoughtful dialogue, rather than just throwing words onto a page. It's definitely an art.

                            So, again, thanks... and on with the show!


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                              Re: Thanks...

                              Originally posted by GrandpaGaribaldi
                              Just wanted to thank you for your service. I've been a B5 fan since Season 2.
                              You're welcome. I too started watching B5 during season 2 and was quickly sucked into the B5 Universe. It really was a fun ride watching the story unfold over the next 3 years. I doubt that I'll ever experience another TV series quite like it again.

                              Take care,