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JMS at FanExpo-Toronto 2009

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    Fan Expo

    As promised to Jan and Spoo Junky, I've decide to post on JMSNews for the first time after 5 or 6 years of Lurking.

    The convention was a wonderful experience, although extremely busy as usual. The JMS Spotlight Session was excellent and as Jan mentioned was fortunately not biased towards one specific topic. I was even fortunate enough to ask a question, which I am happy to report seemed to be well received by JMS. There wasn't very much new B5 news from JMS apart from the following statements:
    - of all the incomplete B5 projects the one he is saddened the most about not completing was Crusade
    - Per previous comments Warners has not committed to a new B5 feature film but they have asked JMS to approach them with a concept for a B5 feature film for their consideration which JMS is giving some thought to, but it doesn't sound like JMS is in a rush to start working on a feature film until he has a good story he wants to tell
    - JMS' favourite B5 race are the Minbari, his favourite alien character is G'Kar and JMS says he is most like Londo!

    As Jan noted the first autograph line up was full after the spotlight, with fans who skipped the spotlight and instead stood in line for an autograph. Alas, I had to depart the convention a day earlier than planned due to last minute activities at home that I did not expect, so no autographs for this JMS visit, but the spotlight was definitely worth the trip to Toronto.

    It was wonderful to meet Jan and Spoo Junky in person for the first time after reading all of their (and other members) posts over the years. I will definitely be checking back regularly and will hopefully keep up the posting!


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      Hi Jeremy! It was great meeting you too! We looked for you today in the line-up, sorry you had to leave early. JMS may yet come back to Toronto to give you another chance - Never Surrender Dreams (I heard that somewhere :P)

      Anyway, being the keener that I am, I was first in line again and held a place for Jan. Besides Jan, there were some people who had to catch flights as soon as JMS arrived and signed their stuff. Unfortunately, for the first time probably ever, JMS was late for the signing. It wasn't his fault, there was a mix-up regarding the time. Jan was able to stay, but some others had to make a run for it. Luckily, JMS fans are often quite helpful so other people in line offered to get stuff signed and forward it off to the people who had to run.

      When JMS did arrive, there was much apologizing, but he still was able to give a smile to everyone in line. Jan got a lot of cool stuff signed, some of it to be sold on ebay with the proceeds to go towards Jeanne Robinson, so keep an eye open and buy, buy, buy!

      Overall it was a good weekend, but now I'm glad to be home. Thanks to JMS for coming; thanks to Jan for coming all this way, it was good to meet up; and thanks to Jeremy who has popped out of lurkdom - hope to see more of you here
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        Welcome to the board, Jeremy!
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          Congratulations on your first post, Jeremy. Jan can be VERY convincing about trip reports. Sounds like a good time. I'd still like to make it to a good-sized con sometime.
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            Welcome out of Lurkdom, Jeremy!

            I had a great time at the con, due in major part to Spoo Junky. It was great meeting her and Jeremy (and friend whose name I can't recall) and Toronto seems to be a great city.

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              Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

              I'm glad Jan that you enjoyed your visit to Toronto, it is a great city, although its unfortunate it was grey, rainy and cold when you came! The person that was attending the con with me was my dad, which has become a tradition for both us as we are both big Sci Fi fans (as is my mom), so it's a great way to spend time with each other.

              Glad to here Spoo Junky that you successfully got a place in the autograph line, particularly after the previous day's cutoff line. It's great to here how considerate other B5 fans are, helping each other out when they had to catch flights out.