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  • Captain Power question

    According to this website,, Larry DiTillio wrote the first episode (also repeated on However, in the Other Voices Script books, Marc Scott Zicree states that he was the one who wrote the pilot and bible, and then recommended jms for the job of story editor on the show. Did the pilot get moved to a later episode than episode one? If so, which episode was the pilot?

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    I don't know but I notice that the Captain Power site lists three episodes for Zicree while IMDb only lists two. The few episodes I've seen seem pretty stand-alone so it could be that they moved it.

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      It looks like "Pariah" is incorrectly credited on imdb and was the episode that was the pilot for the series, written by Zicree and not by jms. The other episode credits are more or less consistent with Captain Power fan pages. I found another one here:

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      Check out the description of the jms written episode "Last Stand":

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