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  • JMS and Superhero Movies

    Since JMS has written so many hundreds of comic book scripts, both for his own original storylines and for comics dealing with "established" superheroes, I was surprised that he doesn't seem to have worked on any of the superhero movies that have come out in recent years.

    Is this deficiency being remedied? Is he working on the scripts for any forthcoming superhero movies?

    JJP (a JMS newcomer)

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    He's written a script for a movie called "Silver Surfer", a spin-off of the Fantastic Four ( It's been announced for 2009. But as he said recently, Fox was unhappy with the success (or lack thereoff) of Fantastic Four II, and thus it is uncertain if the movie will be made.

    No other superhero movie projects I'm aware of as yet.
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      With his success of writing Spidey, I'm shocked he hasn't touched the movie franchise dealing with said hero.


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        There was also a plan for a trilogy of Rising Stars movies for MGM written by JMS, based on his own superhero comic, but things didn't go as planned, and there was a big falling out..

        (It's the article titled RISE AND FALL)


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          Something to remember is that, while JMS has sold feature scripts before, "Changeling" is his first really major sale and it hasn't hit the theaters yet. He's also primarily known as a TV writier and there seems to be some resistance to allowing TV writers to break into features.

          That said, I gather that with "Changeling", things have changed and that much of JMS's back catalogue has at least been optioned including "Rising Stars" and "Midnight Nation". Looking at the list of screenplays he's been doing it looks like he's writing a variety of different types of script which seems to me to be a very smart move.

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            Thanks for all the information.

            I'm not surprised that the studio has been spooked by the failure of the recent FANTASTIC FOUR/SILVER SURFER movie. It was horrible!

            But I'm sure that JMS's script is worlds better, and hopefully that will count for something.