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Why Close until August?

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  • Why Close until August?

    From the "LAST CHANCE. EVER. NO KIDDING" announcement by the B5 Scripts Team:
    After June 30, the The Joe Store will be closed until August. No quote merchandise will be available either.
    Why close the whole Joe Store?
    Why reopen on August?
    And what new shiny stuff (if any) will be available then?

    I thought someone would have asked these questions by now...
    Now I just hope someone can answer them before then.
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    My guess? Phase 3 of the scriptbooks - Crusade ... and maybe phase 4 would be the movies and Lost Tales.
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      Maybe Jaclyn and company need a vacation? I know after a few years of dealing with us, that I would!


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        So I assume the last 'Other Voices' volume will be available in August? I guess that's okay, especially if they have to add the last scripts they got permission to use. I still have to read the scripts from the first book so that'll give me time.
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          Volume 3 of the Other Voices is still scheduled to come out on July 15. It's only the Joe Store that's closing temporarily. The Other Voices books will be available only through Sept. 30.

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