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JMS asks for research help

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    Yeh but we are debating this. Maybe thats the point.
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      A million years from now?


      My advice to Joe would be don't waste your time on research.

      There is no expert on the planet that could possibly project that far forward in a practical way.

      And to try it with human civilisation is even more crazy making.

      He'd be better off using the time machine between his ears.

      If one can imagine a thing, chances are there are conditions somewhere in the universe (past, present and/or future) where such a thing may be possible.

      He's a clever writer and he could imagine not only the situations but also the conditions which would give rise to them.

      So why waste valuable effort and time on researching that which he is already proved he is qualified in...dreaming?
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        I think he is asking for just what he wants.....

        Our strength lay in our diversity...we ALL think different. We all live in a universe of our own making with a common reality joining us together. But we all see things differently.

        Jan:How do we send our ideas to JMS
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          Cruiser: My sincere apologies. I don't know how I missed your message. The best way to send your ideas to JMS would be either via the newsgroup is it's not confidential information or by email if it is something that shouldn't be posted publicly. His email is at the top of all of his posts in the archives.

          JMS posted this about the project last night:

          First, many thanks to all those who sent along research suggestions
          and offerings to be of assistance on the project I can't talk about.
          I've been swamped with deadlines and unable to reply to any of the
          public notes and private emails, but as soon as I can get my head
          above water, be assured that I'll be in touch with many of you.
          "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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            JMS is . . .

            . . . a very personable individual who doesn't have a "successful man's" ego.