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Article about JMS' WWZ script at AICN

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    Having read the book a while back, I haven't a clue how it'll get turned into a script. Look forward to whatever JMS can make happen with it --- will he keep the vignettes or go with a complete arc?
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      One of the biggest differences between book and script (Highlight to read spoilers for the WWZ script)
      is that Max Brooks' book is much more episodic, so there doesn't feel like there is any main character; in fact, the book jacket suggests that Brooks himself conducted all the interviews within. What JMS has done, and very successfully is channel everything through Gerry Lane, who has been commissioned to write a report outlining the mistakes leading up to the war. The book's major set pieces- the boat invasion, the battle for Yonkers- are still intact, but the stories are told to Lane as the interviewer, who as we discover has gone through a few zombie-related hardships of his own. I think JMS has done a superb job of taking all the elements that made the book so successful but also added a few layers of his own, such as pointing out the same international red tape that facilitated the Z outbreak in the first place still existed afterwards, with each government basically trying to cover their ass in terms of any mistakes they may have made.
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