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    Originally posted by Michael Malloy View Post
    The idiots who decided to use that awful Rod Stewart rip off theme song killed the show. The one consistent aspect of Star Trek in the post original TV series has been excellent music. That raw, coarse, singing was a terrible surpise for Star Trek, IMO.

    I quite liked the song, it was certainly better than the awful DS9 theme and most of the incidental music in Star Trek from TNG onwards (which was troweled over the background of the shows with very little rhyme or reason behind it).

    I think the thing that wrecked Enterprise was a lack of courage and vision.

    The ship should have looked and been even more primitive, the stories should have had more of a pioneering spirit behind them.

    The pilot was good but for the first season and a half most of the stories could have taken place in any of the franchise titles. It should have had a totally human set of main characters to start with and introduced aliens as their voyages took them deeper into uncharted territory. And the temporal cold war thing was a complete mistake (a nice idea on paper perhaps and maybe good for another show).

    The third season and bits of the fourth picked up a bit but by then the damage was done.
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      Another article on the Star Wars live action series. Not too much new info except it states that they are now interviewing writers for the series.


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        no news on the jms front, so still in joe's time frame of a "few weeks"
        any news on the strike?


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          Originally posted by Shr'eshhhhhh View Post
          I quite liked the song...
          Uggh. A finer example of the worst kind of cheesy, pseudo-sentimental, 'Adult Oriented Soft Rock' soulless pap I've never come across.

          Each to their own, I guess.
          And certainly none of the other Trek music has ever done much for me either.


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            For the last year, very much under the radar, I've been working with
            two film makers who have created some of the biggest SF movies in the
            last twenty years
            on a television project. (I can't reveal their
            identities, but pick any three of their movies and you have box office
            of over two billion dollars.)
            We've been quietly writing and creating
            the first three scripts for a new SF series that would pretty much
            revolutionize the form, and which have gone out to the networks for
            auction. Offers are coming in. Whether or not the offers are enough
            to make the project work -- it's huge -- remains to be seen. Where
            this goes will be determined in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

            I don't know if this has been touched upon somewhere since, but I just watched the JMS MIT lecture ( ), and in it he specifically mentions Jim Cameron and Steven Spielberg as two names he has worked with (it's around 24:50 into the video). I immediately recalled this post of his, and the sci-fi TV project. So I guess he finally confirmed the two names he was hinting at (if he hadn't done so before and I missed it.)

            So has there been any news on this project since, or is it in development hell/cancelled?


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              Found this later post:


              On the TV project I co-wrote and would produce with the two mega-film
              makers (henceforth just "the group"), we took the first three scripts
              out to auction in the weeks leading up to the strike. Everybody
              wanted to be in business with the group given the massive reps of the
              film-makers (and me, I suppose).

              The up-side of the project was that everyone agreed that they had
              never seen anything like it before. The down-side was that they had
              never seen anything like it before. This is a business where people
              are comfortable with what they've seen. Some found it too
              controversial/weird. Some wanted it and made offers, but only on the
              condition that we tone it down a bit and make it more conventional.
              At the eleventh hour, one that had passed turned around to say
              yes...but by then it was too late and everyone stopped buying things
              with the strike about to happen.

              So the group conferred, and what we'll probably end up doing is
              financing the project ourselves, first as a ten hour miniseries, and
              take it from there. There's no question, given the names involved,
              that we can turn around and get financing from a studio and/or DVD
              distributer and from worldwide television pre-sales. So when the
              strike is over, we'll pick up that thread again, write the next 7
              episodes, shoot the thing, then sell it to whichever network wants it
              the most.

              This means we won't have to compromise anything creatively, it'll be
              exactly what we want it to be.