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A weekend of B5 connections

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  • A weekend of B5 connections

    I'm having a good time this weekend! Friday I went to see Michael York in "Camelot" and yesterday I went to a local SF convention.

    'Camelot' has always been my second-favorite Broadway musical and I was a little concerned that it would be too different from 'my' version, the 1967 movie with Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave, for me to enjoy. In honesty, I was also afraid that I'd be too conscious of Michael York's 'Arthur' from B5 to be able to accept him in this version.

    I shouldn't have worried. The play was very close to the movie with the exception of cutting one of my favorite songs. Michael York played Arthur very well and in retrospect I realized how silly I was to have worried because the character he played on B5 *wasn't* Arthur, it was David McIntyre who thought he was Arthur.

    The sets for the play were designed by John Iacovelli, who did B5's set design. It was cool seeing all of the ways that the sets were portrayed. I'm always fascinated by that aspect of theater.

    Yesterday (and today) I'm at a local SF convention and Claudia Christian is one of the guests. She's got a book coming out soon about her experiences at cons called "My Life with Geeks and Freaks". She didn't have any of those available at her table. She's also written one or two erotica stories, one of which she was selling. 'Star Hyke' should be coming out on DVD around Christmas. It was never broadcast and I think she said that there are 6 episodes. She's recently completed two films, on in Budapest and one in Bucharest, neither of which she'd give the titles too.

    As for B5 and JMS...suffice to say that I didn't like what she said, nor did I believe much of it, and I'm not going to repeat it. Her favorite episodes were 'Sleeping in Light' and 'The Hour of the Wolf'.

    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.