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    This was posted to facebook. As background, several months ago an article was posted by Jason's son regarding a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) he's suffered. Some fans have speculated that that was the reason why he was written off of B5. And now there's been speculation that it was why Jason wasn't hired to play the small part Marcus had in The Road Home.

    Jason Carter

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    {Admin} I'd like to address something serious with you all, which Jason and I have been avoiding because we didn't want to give the slander more oxygen. However, now that it's being cited by ignorant but well-meaning fans as an attempt to explain Jason's absence from the B5 animated movie (which JMS has repeatedly and truthfully explained was purely due to budget), it is time to say something. There is an article that was published in December 2022 on Medium written by Jason's eldest son about something that happened to Jason when his son was only 5 years old - Jason's TBI (traumatic brain injury), which Jason has discussed with fans in the past and has never been a secret. In this article, Jason's symptoms and recovery are, regrettably, grossly exaggerated and in some cases completely misrepresented. Neither Jason nor his close family were consulted about the writing or publishing of this article, and we only found out about it this past summer. We were stunned. I will refrain from going into much detail here, as this is an issue to be sorted out privately, but we can only guess that this version of events was solely informed to his son via Jason's first wife, who has struggled with mental illness for decades (his eldest son has been historically public in his writing about the mental health struggles of both himself and his mother, so it is not something that hasn't already been disclosed). This fact is mentioned here only because Jason and I have tried in vain to understand the rationale or motivation behind the publishing, which initially felt insidious, especially with the use of a "clickbait" title and clear intention to attract as its audience as many fans of both Jason and B5 as possible.

    Unfortunately, Jason's choice to not comment on the article has been seen by some as a testament to its veracity, therefore it is time to make it clear that it was published without Jason's consultation, approval, or consent. We will not engage in a point-by-point rebuttal, due to the fact that we believe it is important to respect the privacy of the others involved even if Jason's privacy is not given that same courtesy. However, please know that JMS was asked about it on Twitter, and his reply clearly refuted the article's negative claims about Jason's professionalism and temperament. On that note, it has been mentioned by JMS multiple times in the past that Marcus's death was planned in Season 5, but had to be moved to Season 4 - JMS had to wrap up all of his major plotlines because it was understood at that time that the series would not be renewed for a fifth season, so the article's assertion that Marcus was "killed off" specifically because of Jason's "behavior" is a complete fabrication (among many others, unfortunately).

    Anyway, we would ask for your understanding in this matter, and if you see the article "My Dad Starred in a Hit TV Show with a Severe Brain Injury" posted by B5 fans then please take a moment to inform them, at the very least, that it is heavily biased. The author is a person trying to make sense of what he was told about his father from a source he trusts, and he believes that this information is completely true. One can understand all of this and still be hurt by that person's choice of actions. As Ambassador Kosh once said, "Understanding is a three-edged sword." The "truth" is ever-elusive, as we all only have our (not infallible) memories and our individually-colored perspectives, which we are absolutely entitled to. That being said, the choice to not seek out all possible sources about an event and a person before writing a piece such as this is rather negligent journalism that is better off in a private diary or journal rather than posted online where it can cause this sort of confusion and harm. Or maybe that's just a hot take. Either way, thank you for reading.​
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    And a chime-in from JMS:

    J. Michael Straczynski - Hang with JMS
    Jumping in for whatever clarity I can bring to this, and to reaffirm the truth in this posting. Though I had very little knowledge of Jason’s personal life (or really any of the cast) because I prefer to keep things on a professional level and not cross the streams, my experience of Jason as an actor was never anything other than sterling. Yes, he was high-energy (in sharp contrast with my own rather laconic style, which apparently amused him no end), and occasionally high-maintenance, but so were many other cast members and *that was the character he was playing, which is why we hired him in the first place.* If you’ve seen Marcus, you’ve seen Jason; if you’ve seen Jason, you’ve seen Marcus.

    But we never had a problem with Jason on or off set. He was funny, professional, charitable, and always absolutely prepared. He knew his lines, he hit his marks, and he was flawless, which is why there are so few bits of him ever flubbing anything on the blooper reels.

    And yes, had I known there would be a fifth season, which would have pushed the resolution of the Earth Civil War (and Marcus’ fate in that war) into season five, we would spent more time with his character. But I had a gun to my head saying “end this in season four” so I took the bullet for that, and so did Jason. That’s literally all there is to the story.

    I haven’t seen Jason in a long while, and as usual don’t know much of anything about his personal life in this present moment, , but I can say, with absolute crystal clarity, that while I worked with him, he was never anything less than a splendid human being. Anyone who says otherwise wasn’t there, doesn’t know, and can go eat a bag of dicks.
    J. Michael Straczynski - Hang with JMS
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      I really love JMS' last line there. You really don't often see that level of perfection in writing.
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        Looking at his photos with the little ranger/pike stick figures, doesn't seem like he harbors resentment if he is having fun at autograph sessions and taking time to draw in addition to signing his name. Guess this is an opportunity for a Coincidental Tie-In as B5Books just released a three part actors-only version of the 2012 Echoes interview series, and several of the included interviews are with Jason Carter. His character's death is discussed, and in an earlier interview he talks about when they pretended to kill off his character. Then again, in a different interview, Michael O'Hare is asked about negative rumors surrounding his leaving the show after season one, so guess 👜 o' 💾💾💾 was apparently a popular dish in the 90s.

        Speaking of coincidence, the last interview in the bonus book is a group session with six cast members (April 2001), and the conversation turns to... ...Strikes.
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          Yeah Jason Carter appeared to be having a blast in Galveston in 2014. Very happy to be conversing and interacting with cast members and guests.

          And speaking of strikes though in an unrelated manner, I saw a headline that I did not follow up on where it said the big streamers are going to use these strikes as an excuse to switch over to ad based subscription models, the move I knew they would do 5 years ago. I've always known they just wanted to get us hooked and then they would double their profits by bringing the ad revenue in and sticking us with commercials. These are the times I'm grateful for having house full of so much physical media I could never watch it all in my remaining years.
          Susan Ivanova, "I'll be in the car."


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            Originally posted by Looney View Post
            I really love JMS' last line there. You really don't often see that level of perfection in writing.
            He does have a way with words, doesn't he? Somebody online thought that a whole bag was a little harsh but JMS has always been protective of his cast and crew.
            (and yes, I'm really very much against sexual insults but sometimes one needs to get the point across in the language they're used to.)
            "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.