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"Earthlight" audio drama - May 2024

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  • "Earthlight" audio drama - May 2024

    With all these forums, there's still JMS projects that we don't have a category for! Just found this in my Google Alerts:


    By J. Michael Straczynski

    Part of A Random House Audiobook Original

    Category: Military Science Fiction | Audiobooks



    He's mentioned audio dramas a few times in the past in various places so it looks like it's finally happening.
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    Yeah soo much to talk about. Hope you had a great day today.
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      Wanted to say Thanks Jan as when I searched Audible for Earthlight on July 24th - nothing. Even on the 27th "Straczynski" only shows three titles: "Becoming a Writer, Staying a Writer", "Together We Will Go", and "Becoming Superman". But looks like they are slooooowly updating things, as can now search for "Earthlight" and found it. Although followed Jan's suggestion and snuck up on it through Amazon rather than Audible.

      Here are some of the ASIN numbers to search with (these appear to work).
      Amazon US: B0CBN91TG4
      Audible US: B0CBNCVKH2

      Amazon UK: B0CBN8L8FN
      Audible UK: B0CBN9396Sā€‹
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