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Another Pilot project for JMS!!

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  • Another Pilot project for JMS!!

    EXCLUSIVE: MPI Original Films has acquired film and TV rights to William Forstchen’s bestselling John Matherson Trilogy, consisting of the books One Second After, One Year After and The Final Day, for series development with Michael J. Straczynski attached to write the pilot. MPI will co-produce with Vince Gerardis’ Startling Inc. (Game of Thrones).

    The potential series is described as an emotionally poignant and terrifyingly real story of America’s immediate and devastating return to a pre-technological dark age in the wake of a terrorist attack.
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    Hmmmm sounds a little like the series REVOLUTION (2012). Sorry the poorly handled series REVOLUTION (2012).

    B5 Guest Star Josh Coxx had a great appearance in the Season One episode THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE. He definitely should have become a recurring character.
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