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FOR SALE: B5 Script books (Vols 1-15) and complete Echoes series (UK based)

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  • FOR SALE: B5 Script books (Vols 1-15) and complete Echoes series (UK based)

    Hi folks,

    I am considering selling my set of THE BABYLON 5 SCRIPTS OF J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI , Vol 1-15. UK buyers only please! May consider EU for smaller items.

    These are the original script books, replete with the long, informative introductions to each script by JMS. Lockdown has hit me hard financially, and I could use the cash. Ideally, I want these to go to a fellow fan and not someone who just wants to flip them on the secondary market for profit. I've had these since they were published, all carefully stored and looked after. (Some volumes still in shrink wrap).

    Please note these are the original run of script books and feature JMS' in depth introductions / essays on each script. To me, this content is the best thing about the script books. JMS gives loads of fascinating insight into the process of creating each episode and loads of cool bits of info. So, each script has a long in depth pre-amble by JMS, and I loved reading these. The re-issues that appeared last year under the monkier 'All my words', DO NOT have these introductions. This was to appease collectors of the original books which were sold as a one off printing.Vol. 15 was an exclusive for people who had bought the whole series and is signed by JMS himself. It includes in depth discussion of the original B5 arc had O'Hare / Sinclair not left the show. This was not re-issued as part of the 'All my words' series.

    I also have Vol. 1-6 of Echoes of All Our Conversations + index / compendium book. A very nice collection of candid interviews. They also have audio interviews included on CD. The main draw here is that each volume is hand signed by a different cast member and has signatures from: Mira Furlan (RIP) / Bruce Boxleitner / Peter Jurasik / Claudia Christian, Jerry Doyle (RIP), Bill Mummy, Stephen Furst.

    All CDs / postcards present and correct. 4 of the 6 are fully sealed in shrink wrap.

    Full details of the above books can be found here.

    I also have the 20th Anniversary Cast Reunion DVD and annotated book signed by Jerry, Claudia and Pat (still in shrink wrap).I would ideally like to sell each series as a set.

    UK BUYERS ONLY. I am in York, UK. Socially distanced collection would be preferable as they are HEAVY. But we could work out postage if that's your preference I would offer a healthy discount if someone wants to do a road trip and come collect.

    Price wise, I am looking for approx:

    £700 ono for the JMS Scripts set (most volumes are well in excess of £80 on Amazon and Vol. 15 generally fetches a premium due to its limited nature). The whole set is over $1000 from B5 books and they only have two sets, and shipping and import tax to the UK would also be insane. I can negotiate on price, but please no lowball offers.(UK only, collected, but we could talk quality couriers if you want it shipped)

    £275 for the Echoes set. Price pretty firm due cast signatures. The Jerry Doyle signed book in this set is particularly rare now, and the current production run has seen it replaced by a version with Pat Tallman's signature. (probably UK only due to weight)

    £50 for the cast reunion DVD and signed book. (Could post anywhere)

    If someone wanted it all, we can talk a discounted bundle price. PM me. I can provide eBay feedback and references / vouches from other B5 fans I have sold to in the past if needs be. Can provide more photos, but it's all in very good condition. Many books still in shrink wrap.

    I can post links to my FB Marketplace listings if you want some pics.
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    Hey folks, on the off chance someone is interested. Everything just went on eBay. The Echoes books went lightning fast and for more than I expected. Script Books are still available at the link below (UK Bidders only!)
    Captain John Sheridan: I really *hate* it when you do that.

    Kosh: Good!