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Is anyone else still waiting for the signed Bookplate for Becoming Superman?

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  • Is anyone else still waiting for the signed Bookplate for Becoming Superman?

    I signed up immediately upon hearing about the signed bookplate for Joe's autobiography. Paypal went through and I checked and it does have ny shipping address correct. However it's been months and I've still not received it. Am I the only one still waiting?
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    Nope, I know jms said his plates had been delayed because of his accident. I'm waiting still
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      I know a fair number of folks are still waiting. I got the original order I put in but ordered a couple more when I got extra ARCs to give as gifts and I haven't gotten those yet. His travel schedule pust things behind and then his injury but he posted the other day a photo of (I think) 25 that were going out so the process continues.

      ETA: The pics I've seen are all what I think of as his 'good' autograph as opposed to his 'convention' autograph which has a more rounded 'J' and less detail in his last name. Yes, I've got/seen enough of his autographs that I can tell that sort of thing!
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        Just to add my two cents and get some attention - still waiting for mine.
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