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  • Podcast interviews with JMS

    A place to collect podcast interviews with JMS sounds like a good idea. Feel free to add one you know about.

    The first ones that come to mind is of course the Babylon 5 podcast.

    JMS Podcast interviews

    Babylon Podcast #161: Interview with JMS, Part 1. June 24, 2009.

    Babylon Podcast #162: Interview with JMS, Part 2. July 1, 2009.

    Unsurprisingly the interview is focused on Babylon 5, Crusade and similar things.

    Fictitious, July 22 2019

    Interview about the Becoming Superman book, and JMS life.

    NYFA's Backlot podcast July 9, 2018.

    JMS discusses his experiences writing for Thor, Spider-man, and Superman on the big screen and Sense8.

    PW Comic World: More to come podcast #372. 06/14/2019

    Focuses on writing, comics and Becoming Superman.

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    Great idea! Thanks, Satai!
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      Oh yes, very awesome.
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        I had always assumed that there was a similar collection either here or on Lurkers, but cold not find any yesterday when I did a quick look-around. So I figured we needed one
        Feel free to add new ones. I am sure there are more out there.