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Deep Space Nine Documentary B5 related notes

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  • Deep Space Nine Documentary B5 related notes

    I saw the Deep Space Nine "What We Left Behind" documentary last night and it was a neat look at the life of that television series. There were a couple of B5 related bits and several that brought up comparisons in my mind.

    The only direct reference was in one of the ongoing segments where cast members read letters or internet messages from people who didn't like Deep Space 9. One of them complained that the show looked like a low rent rip-off of Babylon 5. There was a brief segment with Bill Mumy about his guest appearance with Ira Stephen Behr being excited that "Star Trek killed Will Robinson".

    There was also discussion of how long their shooting days were (14-16) and how tired the actors always were during production which contrasts to the B5 production keeping things to schedule and which kept costs down over its run.

    There was a fair amount of discussion with Ira and others about doing more and more continuing storylines and how much they had to fight for them. Of course, no mention of Babylon 5 in that part.

    When they shows an image of the final draft of the DS9 Pilot The Emissary, I noticed that the published date, Aug 10, 1992, was the same day the Babylon 5 pilot started filming.

    Finally, it was kind of shocking to realize that pretty much all of the main and supporting cast are still alive. The bit acknowledging those who were no longer around was very brief compared to what Babylon 5 has seen happen to its cast and crew.
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    I definitely want to see this. Where did you see it? Any idea if it's available on streaming services yet?
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