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Is the "Rising Stars" novels a complete trilogy?

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  • Is the "Rising Stars" novels a complete trilogy?

    I've read both novels that I know of of the Rising Stars series/trilogy; Born in Fire and Power. However, I was under the impression there were to be more than just two - like a trilogy?

    Is there a third? What's the title? Has it been released or will it ever be released?

    Graphic novels are all well and good - but nothing can replace a well written novel and these novels are excellent.

    So what's the scoop?

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    I'm not quite sure what you are asking here, as the names you give are for the graphic novels/trade paperbacks rather than novelisations ...

    As far as the graphic novels go, the first two parts are 'Born in Fire' (issues 1-8 of the comic series) and 'Power' (issues 9-16), whilst the final part (issues 17-24) is called 'Fire and Ash' and is available now. There is also a hardcover collecting the entire story into one book.

    As far as the novelisations go, the only one I can track down is Book 2, called 'Rising Stars: Ten Years and After' by Arthur Byron Cover. This covers the same ground as 'Power' the second graphic novel.

    I haven't followed the novelisations myself, but can't find anything on whether or not there is a third. Having said that, I also didn't find anything about the first one, which clearly does exist, so that may not mean too much.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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      I suppose it would be best to say "novelisations". And you are correct, they are hard to come by for whatever reason. Although Ebay as them for $.01 used.

      These books are (I'm guessing here) a rewrite of JMS' graphic novels into a more literary form by Arthur Byron Cover and Published by iBooks 2002.
      The first book is "self-entitled" Rising Stars & the second, as you mentioned, is Rising Stars - Ten years after.

      So where does that put us?


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        Possibly a victim of the delay in getting the last three issues among other factors. The first of the final three was due out in September or October of 2004. iBooks was the Simon & Schuster imprint that JMS credited to Byron Preiss, who was killed in a car accident in July of 2005. JMS seemed to think his death left the future of iBooks in some doubt. I can only find one listing for the Rising Stars author over on the S&S site and that's for a Buffy book.

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          iBooks Bankruptcy

          Since iBooks has no officially gone bankrupt, if there was a third book in the works it has likely been held up and may be dead due to it. Things are still in process, so if the book had been readied for release it may still come out once things are settled.

          A lot of SFWA authors have books tied up in this and they had a special panel on the bankruptcy at the Nebula Awards last month here in Tempe.

          I was really hoping Joe could have made it to help with honoring Harlan Ellison as SFWA's Grand Master but his schedule didn't allow it. Peter David and Neil Gaiman did their part quite well, though. I'm looking forward to Peter's report on the weekend in an upcoming But I Digress column in Comic Buyer's Guide.

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            Thanks, Lee. I hadn't heard about the bankruptcy. Hope things work out for the writers!

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