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    Now that I've finished my story. I seem to have a problem getting someone to read it. I send it to agents and so far I've reached a brick wall. I've followed the advice you give in your book, The complete book of Scriptwriting. Those who have read my story say they like it. Assuming they are not just being polite, it is the positive feedback I'm getting that keeps my hopes alive. Any profound words of wisdom to a newbie who has no connections?
    Life in the fast lane. Slowly makes you lose your mind.

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    Hi bpdirector, and welcome.

    JMS doesn't post here and, as far as we know, doesn't read here either. Right now there seem to be two ways to ask JMS a question. The first is on the moderated newsgroup, and you can find some info on posting there here.

    As you've also noticed his Newsarama columns, did you realize that you can address questions and comments to him there? There haven't been many of the columns yet so I don't know if he'll make a habit of answering but it might be something that he'd cover in a future column once you've drawn his attention to it? Worth a try, I'd think.

    Good luck with your writing career.

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      thx I'll give it a try.
      Life in the fast lane. Slowly makes you lose your mind.